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Issues with Android and BMW ConnectedDrive



A few weeks ago I switched from an iPhone to Android. And I was glad to see that the spotify app is now available in BMW ConnectedDrive for Android as well.


But the integration appears to be very buggy. I was wondering if anyone else is having these issues. It's also possible that these are caused by the BMW ConnectedDrive Android app and not the Spotify app.

  • The app crashes a lot. The Spotify app on iDrive will close, music stops playing and the app is no longer listed in the cars iDrive menu.
    The app on the phone still appears to work because I can switch over to Bluetooth audio and it will continue to play.
    As far as I found, the only way to start the Spotify ConnectedDrive app again is to force close both Spotify and ConnectedDrive on the phone and open them again.
  • The progress bar of the song (right below the album art) jumps all over the place. I have seen it work a few times, but most of the time it jumps back and forth, flickering, or runs to the end of the song and stays there while the song keeps playing.
  • The app reacts much slower then when running it form an iPhone. It often takes a long time to even render the buttons.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?


Phone: OnePlus 5T (A5010)

Android version: Android 7.1.1

Spotify version: armV7

Hey @johannesdr!


Right now, on Android devices, the Spotify integration only supports the 2016 BMW 7 series. However, we'll gladly pass your feedback about this on to the right team.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to give us a shout.


All the best.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @johannesdr, welcome to the community!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


Let's try reinstalling Spotify to see if it helps. Also, please make sure your infotainment system doesn't have any pending updates.


Keep us posted.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @johannesdr, welcome to the community!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


Just to confirm, is your infotainment system up to date? Also, try reinstalling  Spotify to see if it helps.


Keep us posted.


Yes the iDrive system is up to date. I have the latest version of Spotify and the connected drive app installed. I have already re-installed both but that didn't solve the issues.

But as I said there is a good chance the issues lies with the connected drive app. But I'm not sure where to report those issues.


Thanks for the info.


If possible, try recreating this issue with a different mobile device that's running similar specs. Also, have you ever experienced any of the issues you mentioned in your original post outside of your car?


Let us know.


Hi @SergioDavid

I haven't had any issues with the Spotify app on the device itself. Only on the BMW ConnectedDrive interface.


I was able to do some tests with an old Nexus 5 and it looks like that doesn't have the same issues. Although it also reacted slow (for example: drawing the previous and next buttons takes a long time, when changing a song it takes a long time for the album art and title to change).

Both devices were running the latest version of the Spotify and BMW ConnectedDrive app. But the Nexus 5 is on Android 6.0.1 and the OnePlus 5T is on Android 7.1.1.


If I can get my hands on an other device with Android 7, I'll test if that has the same issue.


I made a video of the progress bar. Sometimes the progress bar also jumps to the end of the song while the song is still playing.




Thanks for sending all this info over.


Let's try reinstalling Spotify on your OnePlus 5T one more time before testing this again. This is just to make sure you have the latest Spotify version, since it's only happening with one of your Android devices.


Keep us posted.


Hm I have tried replying multiple times in the past week but my comment is removed again every time? Very strange. So let's try this again.


I cleared and re-installed both Spotify and ConnectedDrive but the problem still persists


No worries!


We've gathered all the info you sent us and sent a report to the right team about this.


As soon as there's an update, we'll post it here.


Stay tuned.


Hey @johannesdr


Us again!

On Android operating systems, the Spotify integration currently only works with the new 2016 BMW 7 Series. Can we check your BMW's make/model? We have some more info on this here.


If your car does fit this description, get right back to us 🙂
We're here to help as much as we can.





Hi @Melody,


Thank you for the feedback but I don't think your information is correct.

I do not have a 2016 BMW 7 Series but Spotify is supported according to the BMW connected app. It is lised in the app, listed in the idrive menu in the car itself and, other then the reported issues from my first post, it works as it should.


Or do you mean that you will not offer any support for other cars then the 2016 BMW 7 Series? Because that would be very weird if you only support one singel car model.