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Issues with playing tunes outside of Liked Songs or playlists on the desktop app

Hey there,


We're aware of issues with playing songs outside of the Liked Songs collection or playlists.


This is being investigated.

Hi folks,


A few days have passed, so the latest version which includes the fix should now be available to everyone! You'll find more info on how to update the app in this article.


Once again thank you all for the collective effort in aiding us during the investigation. You're awesome!




@Yordan Thank you!! This has been driving me mad! - It seems to be fixed for me (so far) with this update 🤞👍


Provisionally working after the latest update... fingers crossed this lasts!


Finally working  after updating to the latest version! 


Awesome! Thanks for confirming folks! I'm honestly so happy to finally hear that!


A massive thank you to each and every one of you in this thread. The help and dedication you've shown here is beyond admirable, and for that you have our utmost respect!


We'll give this a few more days so that the others can also confirm the desktop app's working normally now. Fingers crossed!


Cheers everyone! You rock!

This finally appears to be working for me as well. I'm beyond excited!

After logging back on today, I am now getting strange behaviour from the app....It won't let me search any artists at all now! - They either don't show up in the search, or if I try to click on artists I have recently listened to, it comes up showing an error. I am still able to play music from my liked songs and playlists. Anyone else having this issue? @Yordan 


Yep @Hydrojlw, thanks for reporting!


The issue you're describing is currently under investigation. Subscribe to this thread where we'll keep you folks updated.


Hmm, now it seems to be working after letting Spotify run for a while. Not sure what happened there! Hopefully just a blip with my connection or something.


Ahh thanks @Yordan hadn't seen your post!


Spotify for Windows

this latest version seems to have fixed this issue, or at least, everything is playable now.