Issues with playing tunes outside of Liked Songs or playlists on the desktop app

Hey there,


We're aware of issues with playing songs outside of the Liked Songs collection or playlists.


This is being investigated.

Hey there,


Thank you all for the collective effort in aiding this investigation!


We've heard back from our tech folks and they've asked us to collect some additional logs.


If you're experiencing this issue, make sure you're running the latest version of the app (should be 1.2.3 or above) and try restarting your computer in Safe mode with Networking to see if that does the trick. In case the issue persists, please create a log file and share it here by following these steps:

  1. Close Spotify and make sure it's not running in the background.
  2. Open Windows' Command Prompt.
  3. Enter the following command in the terminal: "%APPDATA%\Spotify\Spotify.exe" --log-file="C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\Spotify.log" (make sure to include the " " in the beginning as well as in the end).

This will launch the Spotify app and create a log file called Spotify.log on your Desktop. Now play a song or two from one of your playlists / Liked Songs to ensure they are unaffected, then try playing some of the tracks you're having issues with. Observe the Play button's behavior (does it switch from Play to Pause; is it simply greyed out, or perhaps something else?) and capture it in a screenshot / screen recording. Give Spotify a minute or two of runtime, then quit the app so that your actions are recorded in the log file and share it here along with the screenshot / screen recording you took so we can forward them to the right teams who are investigating this issue. Please include the version of Spotify you're running (found in the three dots menu in the top-left corner > Help > About Spotify), a rough estimation of what time you played the tracks, as well as your time zone.


If you're unable to attach the log file here in your reply, you can instead upload it to a Cloud service and share the link.


Thank you for your patience and contributions folks. We'll keep you posted here as soon as we have updates on the matter, so stay tuned!

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Hey everyone,


No news at this time, I'm afraid. The root cause for this behavior is difficult to pinpoint, but rest assured that the right teams are actively working on coming up with a solution.


Our tech folks are still collecting logs, so do keep on sharing them here. You can find more info on how to do that in the status update above.


Take care.

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to let you know that this issue is still actively being looked into. In the meantime, it's worth trying out @Luisiis' and @Razzemans' suggestions of resetting the WMI Repository (if you haven't already) to see if that does the trick for you:

If you're using a VPN, try disabling it as well.


Take care.








Operating System

Windows 10

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

Even though up until a few weeks ago I was using Spotify with no issues, now I can't play most of the songs if I found them by searching on the search bar. The playlists, saved by me or not, work just fine, and the songs I have on my library don't give me issues either. I noticed I can't add songs to library nor any of my playlists if they can't be played.

It appears to be completely random too: I can play Michael Jackson and not Kendrick Lamar.2019.02.08-15.24.png

This is how it looks.


I've tried reinstalling Spotify, deleting folders and cache, updating QuickTime, using the WindowsStore version, and nothing works. I can use Spotify on my phone and MacBook, just not with Windows.


I would appreciate any help on this.



Hey @arminecraftyt, welcome to the Community!


I'd recommend checking your hosts file: see this Answer article on how to!


Sometimes some adblockers or other third party software may edit the file, eg for avoiding ads. However, Spotify-related addresses in hosts, such as
will very likely break your Spotify client.


Let me know how it goes. 🙂


Hey Sebasty,

Wow, that was fast. You couldn't have been more precise, it was exactly what you mentioned in your message. Thanks for such a quick feedback, following the help was a breeze.


Ad blockers can be quite messy huh, even if you've uninstalled them all, they leave a trace behind. I supposed it was something of that sort due to only being affected in my Windows machine, but I couldn't figure out how to solve it. Thanks a lot!


I only registered to this forum just to say THANK YOU!

I've been having the same issue for a couple of months now and nothing seemed to help. Did some googling but unfortunately didn't come across a solution and I was kind of getting sick and tired of it..


But this morning I was glad to discover that someone else had put all my troubles into words.. and the hosts thing worked like magic!



I cannot play any song I find via searching or browsing albums, UNLESS it is in one of my playlists. I can add any song I want to a playlist and it's immediately able to be played. Once I remove it, it cannot be played.

I'm using the spotify desktop app on win 10 pro. I have tried logging out and back in, as well as completely uninstalling and reinstalling spotify, but no luck.

An answer on a similar issue said to check the hosts file to see if an adblocker was blocking spofity addresses, but my hosts file is blank (besides the default comments).

I have no idea what could be causing this behavior - it started very suddenly yesterday. I didn't install any new programs or windows updates between spotify working and not working.

When you made reinstall, have you deleted or simply renamed folder

>>> "C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Spotify", if not try to rename "spotify.old" [if doesn`t help you can delete newly created and rename back old one]


When I uninstalled, the uninstaller deleted that folder for me and a new one was created when I reinstalled. Unfortunately that didn't seem to fix the problem.

More information: if I add a song to a playlist, play it, then remove it, I can still play it until I restart the app. Also, the web version works just fine, it's only the desktop version that is affected.


If it is something wrong in registry you can try to download free version of revo uninstaller , extract zip and run RevoUPort.exe
Here is video . I`m selecting all found registry entries/files and deleting them, you can try [P.S.: You should always verify when deleting registry entries ].  It might help or not...


Same here! Also my liked songs and albums/artists library became completely empty.


I am also having this issue, songs will only play if they exist in a playlist that I have access to or an album/artist/song radio. This includes curated playlists and auto-generated mixes.


My liked songs, artists and albums are still there though. Songs on my "Liked Songs" list will play but albums in my album library won't necessarily.


This only happens on the spotify desktop client, both the version downloaded from Spotify and from the Microsoft store. I'm on Windows 10, version 21H1, build 19043.1766