Kenwood Bluetooth Spotify App not connecting to Phone

Greetings Spotifyers,

I use a new Kenwood Headunit which besides Android Auto also has the ability to use the Build In Spotify App to use via Bluetooth.


My Phone is the Samsung Note 8 and everything is Up to Date, also the Headunit.


The Phone connects via Bluetooth to the Headunit and provides me using the Headunit to take Calls and using Bluetooth Media to Stream the Audio on my Phone.


But when I want to use the Spotify App on the Headunit, the Spotify App shows "no connection". When I watch the Option Sliders/Switch for Bluetooth Connections (Calls, Media, etc) on my Phone, I cant turn on the Media Option. But when going back on the Headunit to Bluetooth Media, the Media Option on my Phone goes on. Switching back to the Spotify App on the Headunit, and its Off again.


I tried everything from clearing the Cache for Spotify on my Phone to restarting everything. I also disconnected the Phone a few times and also deleted my Phone on the Headunit and the Headunit on my Phone. I also gave it a few times, to maybe load things. I also conected it via Cable and started Spotify on my Phone to maybe load things.


Nothing helps.


This Problem is only when trying to use the Spotify App on the Headunit via Bluetooth. Android Auto and Spotify works great.


Hopefully someone can help me out.


Greetings from Germany.

Hey folks,

We've noticed a few people are still having this issue. We've now flagged this with the right team, who are goin to look into it.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix at the moment, but we'd recommend keeping your Spotify app up-to-date to ensure you're on the latest version.




I emailed the technical team at Kenwood today. They promptly replied with the following message:-




Thank you for your feed back

Something has happened to the Spotify app and we have heard that rolling back your phone software corrects this issue

I’m sure Spotify are aware but maybe tell them and it may speed things up.

In the mean time we are also trying to work out what has changed and if we can fix it our end



KENWOOD Customer Support Team

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Just use any older version of Spotify. Last months works fine......I tried everything, even their support. Fix is in works but not sure when will it be avaliable .

Hello again,


So I contacted Spotify support and exchanged detailed information of the problem with them including screenshots etc. Hopefully there is a solution coming soon.


In the meantime im using older version of spotify from november which I have no problems at all. You can download earlier versions from 


- Mikko



Hello again,


I also contacted Spotify support with detailed information of the problem with screenshots etc. Hopefully they'll find a solution soon.


Im using older version at the moment from november and it works fine, no problems at all. You can find older versions from


- Mikko


Mikko, you are awesome!!

It worked for me. working fine!

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Yes hope they fix it soon. New release they pushed few days ago does not work I tried on my old phone. It's annoying how it work fine on older and new versions are **bleep**. Any Apple device works fine on mine. Cheers for message
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Same problem (Kenwood DMX7017DABS and Galaxy S8), using helped, thank you! I deactivated automatical updates for Spotify at the S8 to maintain this version.


@ Spotify: Please solve the problem or contact Kenwood, i would like to use the current version.


I also reported this problem to Kenwood.


Greetings from germany!

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@Mikko, @ goralkin - can you confirm you are on Kenwood DMX7705S & galaxy S9 (versus other kenwood/android products)?


I just tried this older apk and see exactly the same behavior as before, unfortunately...


Hi. My head unit is DDX595, using both Galaxy s9 & S7 Phones. it is the App issue.

Lately my phone updated automaticly the version to the latest one and the connection gone again. I just reinstalled it to older Mikko's version and it working again.

The latest version turning the bluetooth options in the phone to the "call audio" only and turns the "media audio" to off, That's why there is no connection between the devices.


Dear friends, greetings from Spain. I have the same problem with my DMX7017BTS and a Samsung Galaxy A6. In the last weeks when I try to play Spotify with the App the display shows "disconnected" but the music sounds without problem, as when connected with Android Auto. I can not see neither the PLAY, FF, RW buttons nor the cover. To me the only reasonable explanation is that something is wrong with the last Spotify update. I have seen in Kenwood website there is a firmware update ( you can download. Perhaps this can be something we can try?