Kenwood Bluetooth Spotify App not connecting to Phone

Greetings Spotifyers,

I use a new Kenwood Headunit which besides Android Auto also has the ability to use the Build In Spotify App to use via Bluetooth.


My Phone is the Samsung Note 8 and everything is Up to Date, also the Headunit.


The Phone connects via Bluetooth to the Headunit and provides me using the Headunit to take Calls and using Bluetooth Media to Stream the Audio on my Phone.


But when I want to use the Spotify App on the Headunit, the Spotify App shows "no connection". When I watch the Option Sliders/Switch for Bluetooth Connections (Calls, Media, etc) on my Phone, I cant turn on the Media Option. But when going back on the Headunit to Bluetooth Media, the Media Option on my Phone goes on. Switching back to the Spotify App on the Headunit, and its Off again.


I tried everything from clearing the Cache for Spotify on my Phone to restarting everything. I also disconnected the Phone a few times and also deleted my Phone on the Headunit and the Headunit on my Phone. I also gave it a few times, to maybe load things. I also conected it via Cable and started Spotify on my Phone to maybe load things.


Nothing helps.


This Problem is only when trying to use the Spotify App on the Headunit via Bluetooth. Android Auto and Spotify works great.


Hopefully someone can help me out.


Greetings from Germany.

Hey folks,

We've noticed a few people are still having this issue. We've now flagged this with the right team, who are goin to look into it.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix at the moment, but we'd recommend keeping your Spotify app up-to-date to ensure you're on the latest version.



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Had the same problem , everything worked again after i used the original cable supplied with my iphone


So I recently tried to connect my device via the native Spotify app on my Kenwood headunit (which did not work in the past) and it started working on its own.


I did not have to do anything. I'm currently running version


I have Kenwood DNX8170DABS and this not work for me! It's so frustrating. I have used and old version witch worked. But this version I was needed to upgrade now because I was out logged every time


Any solution? This is so frustrating!

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Nope. No solution. 



Yes.  There is no resolution to this issue.  What a complete failure on Spotify's part. I am a software person and I wouldn't release software that wasn't tested or didn't work.  I know we are the small minority of users with this technology.  Your name is on it though.  If my companies name was on the software, I would ensure it world work or provide a schedule on when it would work.


I am having this issue as well. I have a Kenwood Excelon DNX995S and a Pixel 2. I able able to listen to spotify over bluetooth, although I am unable to control it with the HU, just the phone. If I go into the bluetooth "option" in the HU, but if I click spotify it just says "Not Connected."  I've tried clearing cache, resintalling spotify, factory resetting my phone even. Nothing seems to make any difference. It has never actually worked since I bought the head unit, regardless of the version of spotify I used. Mind you, it does work with android auto, however I have to plug in for that (as the HU doesnt support Android Auto over bluetooth), and I would like this to just work without having to plug my phone into the car.


Seems like Spotify is just ignoring this issue... perhaps I should switch to Pandora? That actually works just fine.

Have you tried changing the lightning connector? Changing mine fixed the problem
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Spotify support is terrible. There is another thread here with almost 50 pages documenting 10 months of problems with the native BMW integration, which broke at the same time these issues came up with Kenwood (and from all the data posted, is clearly tied to a November 2018 Spotify app update).


Spotify reps have closed that thread to further comments, marked it as "Solved", and said in a final post they have no plans/timeline for fixing the problem and are stopping further comments as they do not want to hear any more about it.


What a spectacular way to treat your user base.

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So that's that?  I spend $500 for a Kenwood HU specifically for it's (supposed) ability to control Spotify natively but then low and behold it doesn't work (never has since I installed it 6 months ago) and now it seems it will never be fixed?  Who's really at fault here?  Spotify or Kenwood (or both)??