Kenwood Bluetooth Spotify App not connecting to Phone

Greetings Spotifyers,

I use a new Kenwood Headunit which besides Android Auto also has the ability to use the Build In Spotify App to use via Bluetooth.


My Phone is the Samsung Note 8 and everything is Up to Date, also the Headunit.


The Phone connects via Bluetooth to the Headunit and provides me using the Headunit to take Calls and using Bluetooth Media to Stream the Audio on my Phone.


But when I want to use the Spotify App on the Headunit, the Spotify App shows "no connection". When I watch the Option Sliders/Switch for Bluetooth Connections (Calls, Media, etc) on my Phone, I cant turn on the Media Option. But when going back on the Headunit to Bluetooth Media, the Media Option on my Phone goes on. Switching back to the Spotify App on the Headunit, and its Off again.


I tried everything from clearing the Cache for Spotify on my Phone to restarting everything. I also disconnected the Phone a few times and also deleted my Phone on the Headunit and the Headunit on my Phone. I also gave it a few times, to maybe load things. I also conected it via Cable and started Spotify on my Phone to maybe load things.


Nothing helps.


This Problem is only when trying to use the Spotify App on the Headunit via Bluetooth. Android Auto and Spotify works great.


Hopefully someone can help me out.


Greetings from Germany.

Hey folks,

We've noticed a few people are still having this issue. We've now flagged this with the right team, who are goin to look into it.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix at the moment, but we'd recommend keeping your Spotify app up-to-date to ensure you're on the latest version.




I'm using a Kenwood DMX7017DABS unit and I have been able to connect and use the head unit as normal with the latest Spotify version on Android. Let me know if this works for you also? 


Good news!!! After last update ( it is working again!!!


Hey folks,


As @Flurpax mentioned, this should now be fixed for all users.


Let us know if you are still having any issues with this.


Happy listening 🙂



I only hope no new issues will come up with future updates!!!


I'm still having this same issue. Anything else I could try?


Hey @kingdaveofblair.


Thanks for letting us know 🙂


Could you first provide us with the following information:

  • exact Spotify version
  • device and OS version
  • Kenwood receiver model?

Once we have that, we can pass it on to the right folks.




I just wanted to say I am having this same issue. I can not browse my song, playlist nothing from my radio.I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling spotify a few times along with the kenwood app and no change at all. I noticed that I get that screen that says someing about safe driving and I used to never get that screen could that be part of the proble.


kenwood ddx595

Iphone 8plus






Hi I've been having the same issue since January 24th. 

 I've reset my head unit and updated the firmware and uninstalled and reinstalled the Spotify app and the issue has persisted. I'm on Spotify version, running Android 9 on the Pixel 3 (last updated this morning with the February 5th security patch level), on a Kenwood ddx9703s.


spotify verson:

note 8 android version 8.0.0

Kenwood DMX905S



I think problem because implementation of full screen display


When I implemented full screen display at, suddenly disconnected problem occured

After I turned off full screen display, spotify connected again to my Kenwood DDX7018BT


Newer version seem automatically set to full screen display, so it cannot be connected. 


This is my tough.. May be other can verify my finding