LG webOS sound jumping

Status: Fixed

As several users have stated, LG webOS 2015 TVs experience bad audio quality in the already lame Spotify app.


"At first it seems to sound fine, however from time to time it jumps a fraction of a second producing odd tempo shifts. It only happens with Spotify app. Tried several receivers with ARC and optical, same thing." 2015 LG UF7700 tv


"Skips slightly probably every 40s or more frequent.
Setup details: Analog audio output, Spotify v1.0.7, webos 2.0.2-454401, tv model; uf772v with firmware 03.03.57 "


Incredible for a 2015 payed music service.

Resolved by vendor update.


Could you provide some more info, please?

  • Are you on the latest firmware?
  • Have you reached out to LG Support?
  • Have you tried using a different router?
  • What about setting your WiFi to a different channel to test? (
  • Using VPN, Proxy?
  • How is your overall internet speed?

Latest firmware released ten days ago solved the problem for me and others... now it sounds fine.

App is still too basic with very limited functions compared to other platforms, but at least works.


Glad to hear it got sorted!

Status changed to: Fixed

Resolved by vendor update.