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LTE Not working on Nike Running Club

Whenever I have LTE data on, my Spotify playlists wont play through the Nike+ run club app. I have mobile data turned on for both Spotify and nike+ run club. Everything works fine on WiFi. 





(iPhone 😎

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Hey folks,


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Hi there, I am pleased to say the LTE issue reported has been fixed. I am not sure if the iOS upgrade to 12.0.1 recently solved the problem or if in fact it was related to a new version of Spotify running version

In any event thank you and I hope this worked for others. I will continue to monitor and report back if changes.


This is happening on both mine and my husband's phone, all apps are updated. His phone is 6S plus, mine is iphone X, I've missed a couple updates but he is updated to latest OS. 

Once the app gets into this state of not being able to connect to spotify, even going back to wifi doesn't fix it.

Edit: updating my OS to latest did not fix it. Wifi or no, the app will play the first song on the pace playlist and then nothing else


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@Gbrdard01, thanks for keeping us in the loop! Glad to hear everything's working as it should 🙂


@weirdoalisa thanks for letting us know this! In this case, please let us know the following for both your and your husband's device so we can get this reported to the right folks:

  • Device(s) and current OS version
  • Spotify version

Thanks 🙂

Hi ,

Now Spotify plays music with the NIKE, app, but it plays one song, then repeats it over and over and over!!! Geeees, what’s so difficult?
I am pretty sure you need to set Spotify in the NRC app to a playlist or album in order to play multiple songs.
Hi thank you
I did just that but it’s still place the same song over and over
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So, if you are experiencing this issue, please make sure to click the +VOTE button and leave a comment with the following details, if you haven't already:

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  • Spotify version




Please please fix this!! I bought Spotify premium so I could run NRC app with my music. I'm not sure how long I can justify keeping Spotify if I can't run with it. I have an iPhone 7s and also happens when I'm on LTE. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling NRC and Spotify - nothing works. Please escalate and fix asap


Hey @micaelas@weirdoalisa and @Soulfra,


Just wanted to check in with you to see if you're still experiencing this issue.


If so, could you leave the information that we've requested in the Status Update?


Once we have enough examples, we can pass it on to our tech team. 




Issue persists.

iPhone 7 Plus. OS 12.1.2

Spotify 8.4.79


By itself, Spotify app plays any and all songs fine. 

Without wifi, anf through the NRC app, the connection to Spotify is just spinning. 


I had the one song repeat issue. I updated both the NRC app and Spotify app hoping those issues would resolve with updates, and now find myself without any Spotify music through the NRC app. Sadly this technicality ruins my run, and it’s a b*tch getting the apple watch to track my run and the phone to play music in 25°F.