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Last Song in Queue is Invisible





United States


iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 12.1


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Whenever I add songs to my queue, the last one doesn’t appear in the list. There is a blank space where it’s should be but I can’t interact with it and the only way to see it is by moving a song under it or adding a new song to my queue, but the new one in the bottom of the list is invisible too. 




Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this. We can confirm the tech team are aware of the issue.


We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but hopefully we'll have an update soon.


For now, we'd recommend keeping your apps up-to-date.


Thanks again!


When I add a song to queue and I want to see my songs in said queue they don’t appear, they are invisible 


Hey there!

What do you mean by "invisible"? Is the song greyed out (you can't click on it to play it) or are they not displayed in your queue menu at all?

This would information would help to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.



I’ve had the same problem. I believe they mean the song is actually invisible. For me it’s only the last song in the queue. There’s nothing but a song-sized gap between the second to last song and the next song up after the queue, but when i skip to it, the invisible song plays. This has been happening for a few months, at first i thought it was just a little bug and would be fixed right away yet here we are


Spotify won't allow me to play any other playlist continuously if there is something in the queue. It always defaults back to the queue so this is kind of a pain in the tail and I can't use the queue. If I visit the detail of the item playing in the queue at the moment and tap "..." I'm able to scroll down to "go to queue" and remove items from the queue to get around it. "Go to queue" is definitely stashed away and hard to find though. It should be accessible via libary, playlists, or browse IMHO.


As for the issue with the queue dominating my playback, I'm on auto-update on Android using a newer Samsung device if you're interested in looking into it.


Hi there,


Perhaps I can provide some info since I’m experiencing the same bug.


I’m using Spotify on iOS 11.2.1 on iPhone 7.


The reproducer is the following:


1. Play an album with an empty queue initially. The current playlist view shows the “Now Playing” section and the “Next From: <album>” section.


2. Browse for any random song (e.g Song1). Open the context menu and tap “Add to Queue”. The overlay “Added to Queue” is displayed.


3. Go to the Now Playing view. The upper right corner indicates “1” meaning that there is one song queued.


4. Click the upper right corner to view the current playlist. There is now a “Next in Queue” section, but it is empty. There is a song-sized space there but it’s blank and not clickable —> BUG


5. Browse for another song (e.g. Song2) and add it to the queue in the same way. Go back to the current playlist view. Now the previously queued song, Song1, is visible and clickable. After it is now also a song-sized blank space that is not clickable —> BUG


Let me know if you can reproduce and if you need more info.






That is exactly what’s been happening to me for months now. Is there any way to fix it? Or do we just have to wait for spotify to notice it


I have the same problem. 


Also have experienced this issue as described above for a month or so. 

Screenshot attached.



iPhone 6s (A1688)

iOS 11.2.6


I have  this same problem!! Annoying!


I have the same problem, why isn’t this fixed yet?