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Last Song in Queue is Invisible





United States


iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 12.1


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Whenever I add songs to my queue, the last one doesn’t appear in the list. There is a blank space where it’s should be but I can’t interact with it and the only way to see it is by moving a song under it or adding a new song to my queue, but the new one in the bottom of the list is invisible too. 




Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this. We can confirm the tech team are aware of the issue.


We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but hopefully we'll have an update soon.


For now, we'd recommend keeping your apps up-to-date.


Thanks again!


Hey everyone, one way to fix the issue is to increase/decrease the font size in your phone's settings. That worked for me. 


Can confirm that fix from @cevans823 worked for me! 


But, come on Spotify, this has been a problem for 2 years. This app is soooo frustrating.


This is an absurd that such a easy to fix bug is laying around for 2 YEARS annoying and forcing iOS users to change the whole system font for just one app.


I love spotify but these are the minor things that make the user experience be worst that it can actually be. 


I use spotify on iPad and iPhone and both with the same font size and the bug occurs on both devices. Come on Spotify developers, I know you're skilled enough to fix a bug as simple as this, there is not an excuse for keeping it for 2 years since it was reported.


2 years and still not properly fixed, a random person found a workaround before the developers. How can you take pride in a music app that can't even get queues right? Granted I have limited experience in app development outside of highschool but to solve a bug which is as simple as fixing how text sizes interact with the app cannot be too hard for a competent development team. I shouldn't have to change my font size to use the app in full, I like it the way it is and I haven't noticed a similar issue in any other app. You're lucky the math/programer guys and girls doing the suggestion algorithms and the playlist curators are putting the company on their backs.


Also have this problem. Had it for years. 


I’ve had this same issue for YEARS. Never have found a fix, nor heard anything about about a future fix. I’m also on an iPhone 7, so maybe it has to do with that but for now, it’s a bit I dunno.


With this text size:9796604C-46B0-46F4-B7C3-00CC03F1B9EF.jpeg

I see everything fine:


And changing the text size to:


Causes the song to disappear:



This issue has to do with the text size on the iPhone.


You can change the text size in the accessibility settings using a slider from [1,7]. The last song on the queue disappears on options 1, 3, 5, and 6. It isn't an issue on the default iPhone 11 text size which is 4.


Since it doesn't look like this issue is going to be fixed anytime soon (it's been 4 years Spotify c'mon), I suggest you do the following:

- Go to the iPhone settings app

- Go to Display & Brightness settings

- Click Text Size

- Change the size back to:

   - the default size (4 or the middle of the slider)

   - or the 2nd, 4th, or 7th tick mark


Pro tip: you can add the text size option to the quick control settings when you pull down from the top right of the screen for faster adjustments in the future


For Spotify Devs: This is still an issue with my iPhone 11 running iOS 14.4.2 and using Spotify version 8.6.12. No matter how you add a song to the queue (by dragging it up, by clicking add to queue) the last song on the queue (or the only song on queue if there is only one song on the queue) is invisible. You can't interact with it (click on it, drag it anywhere) but you can move stuff lower on the queue by dragging and dropping it below the invisible song. Once you add something else to the end of the queue (whether it be by dragging or clicking add to queue) that song now becomes invisible. This bug has caused Spotify to crash on occasion when moving stuff on the queue when it's glitched like this.