Linux version segfault when resuming song quickly upon start

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There is a segfault in this most recent beta version of Spotify when running on fully up to date Archlinux, in where if you quickly resume a song right as you are opening spotify, you will get a segfault. The error reads:


../../third_party/tcmalloc/chromium/src/free_list.h:118] Memory corruption detected.
/usr/bin/spotify: line 2: 3139 Segmentation fault    (core dumped) /usr/share/spotify/spotify $@


It usually happens when I was listening to a spotify playlist under Genres & Moods. It's hard for me to track down exactly where this issue pops up, but you can usually invoke it when you press spacebar right as the program is opening to resume the song you were playing.

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Hello @brittyazel,

Can you try to reproduce the issue while strace is running?


strace spotify > $HOME/spotify-dump 2>&1

 Additional information about the issue can be found here.


Can you check if you can reproduce the crashes with 1.0.16 that was just released?

Status changed to: Closed
Status changed to: Closed

I'm getting this issue when trying to play a local song. Any fix?