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Listen Along/Together feature on Discord not working

Hey folks, 


We've received some reports that the Listen Along feature on Discord isn't working.


This is being investigated.

Hey folks, 


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.


Our engineers have investigated this and confirmed that Listen Along is a Spotify integration built by Discord. Due to this, we don't have any information on a fix right now. However, we'd recommend keeping all your apps and devices up to date!


Thanks again.


Using Spotify desktop application. I'm not able to listen along to multiple people. Worked fine yesterday. They can listen along with me though. I've reinstalled discord, spotify, resynced it to discord, logged in and out, restarted computer, resynced time, checked forums for ongoing issues, etc.



Student Premium


America/United States


Windows Desktop 

Operating System

Windows 11

Anyone else experiencing these issues and/or have any solution. Please help!


Having the same issue. It opens spotify for me and my buddies but not letting us listen to the playlist


Not working for me either, tried all the suggestions, reinstalled spotify/discord, cleared cache/cookies, cleared temp files for both, reconnected my spotify acc to discord, added it as a game to be detected for overlay, made sure it had all the permissions to show public on my discord profile, even on my spotify acc to show all public & even after all that still not working 


Was working fine just yesterday, I think its an issue between discord/spotify


Been messaging discord support all night and still haven't found a solution. I can open the app but playing anything doesn't actually work. I can play on spotify with discord from mobile tho 


I still havent been able to find a solution. I've tested with more friends and I can't use the listen along or play now on spotify feature on discord with them. They can use it with me though. Really confused. I'm not the only one that's experiencing this issue! Anyone please help!



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same here, they can listen along to my songs but i can't listen along with them. when i click listen along, it just infinitely loads. 




exactly! thats what happens to me!

eu e meus amigos sempre ouvimos musicas juntos no spotify, so que de um dia pro outro literalmente, essa função so não estar funcionando, a gente clica pra ouvir no perfil, manda o convite e simplesmente fica carregando infinito, temos o spotify premiu