Local files wont cast to Chromecast Audio

Status: Not An Issue


Iphone 6


Operating System Version:

iOS 9.1


Spotify Version:



When I try to play a local file track to Chromecast audio from my iPhone - it says "Can't play this right now". I've also tried to work around this by casting from my Mac, but I have the same issue.


To reproduce:

  1. Select local file playlist
  2. Choose track 
  3. Connect to other devices 
  4. Chose Chromecast Audio
  5. "Cannot play this right now" 




Additional information:





Local files are unable to play on the chromecast audio. 

Chromecast audio gets the music directly from Spotify's servers and is not actually streaming audio from your phone like how Bluetooth or Airplay works.

So if your local file is not available on Spotify it will not play on the chromecast audio.


It similar to the way the orginal chromecast works with netflix and bbc iPlayer.


Status changed to: Not An Issue

This is an issue. If you try to play a song whilst streaming to Chromecast, nothing happens. At least a friendly error message would be nice.


Other services such as Google Play Music enable this, presumably by uploading the music to their servers. +1 to that


I agree with OliverJAsh with this being a real issue. I've been looking for this in de FAQ but couldn't find it. A proper error message and some info in the FAQ would be nice.


Support for local files (NAS) would be even better 🙂


I agree that this is an issue.  While I would be ecstatic if all music was in Spotify (they likely would be to), this isn't the case.  There is definitely music that is not currently available on Spotify.


The fact you can't upload your own music to a server for playback over chromecast is totally an issue. Why is it possible with Google Music and not spotify?


I agree, i can play local music on my phone, but not stream it on Chromecast audio, why? Google Music can and AllCast too.




I agree, this is an issue!  Please fix!

 I have my local music on a NAS on the same network as my spotify computer and my chromecast. It's so frustruating that half the songs on my playlist just won't play on my stereo.




As most above, I agree that this is an issue. Extending the problem not just to concern music, but also soundtrack that I've got on my computer and uses spotify as a player. This will not play on Chromecast audio. I would love this to work.

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