Lock screen/steering wheel controls not working

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Samsung S7

Operating System

Android Oreo 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

Since the last Spotify update, the lock screen buttons on my phone to pause or skip do not work. Neither do the bluetooth connected steering wheel buttons in my car. This is not limited to me - other phones in our house are having exactly the same issue (another S7 Oreo and an S9 Pie). I have deleted the app, restarted the phone, reinstalled the app and it's still the same. The lack of this function in the car means unwanted tracks cannot be skipped as it is illegal to touch a mobile phone while drivin - the new in car view is therefore useless. Please fix this bug!!!


Hey there folks,


Thanks for all your patience so far!


This should be now fixed. 


If you're having troubles, try a quick reinstall of the app on your devices following the steps provided here.


If that doesn't do the trick, please let us know by starting a new thread with all the necessary details in the Help Boards. We'll be happy to take a look. Thanks!


Note I uninstalled latest version of Spotify and installed version Car controls run sweet again and whole Bluetooth experience much better and more reliable.


Spotify - to say this is fixed is rediculous, new version is clearly full of bugs.


Same issue, but 4 months later than all of you. Brand new S10, latest version of Spotify. Lock screen controls dont work, steering wheel controls don't work, and tracks pause ALL THE TIME. I have to open the App and press Pause (it still thinks the track is playing), then it actually starts playing again.


It didn't work on Huawei mate 10 lite


It is still not working on the Moto Z3 play. No controls work on the Kenwood after market head unit and steering wheel controls do not work  So many updates and these issues have not been resolved. 

Hi Spotify,

You say the problem is fixed, so am going to ask you the same thing as you. Please confirm the following release note information with your 'fix':

  • What version of the application are you saying it is fixed in?
  • What Android devices did you confirm this has been tested on to say it has been 'fixed'?
  • What car did you test it in?

Look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,



S10+ exynos on latest version of Android and latest version of Spotify... Previous and next track buttons work fine. Play/pause does not. ISSUE IS NOT FIXED AT ALL




I have this issu again with Spotify App on Android 9.0/Samsung S9. Only the the Pause/Play button on lock screen is not working.


Any help please? @Guido 

Same here. Play/pause not working on lock screen after last update.

Not fixed. Not fixed at all. Still broken on Galaxy S10e running Android 9.

Edit: Should mention that I tried clean reinstall after removing all data (the prescribed fix) and it did nothing except delete all my downloads.


The issue is not solved! Tired of having this problem for months. I have the samsung s10+ and can't pause the music from the lock screen. The music also randomly pauses sometimes if my screen is locked. I have tried everything suggested (clear data-uninstalling, allow to run in background and so on). I am tired of paying for something that doesn't work properly. Please fix this.

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