Lockscreen controls disappear Android 7.0

Status: Not An Issue
After a few minutes the lockscreen controls disappear from the lockscreen. Looks like spotify does not keep running in the background. Also the logo disappear from the notification bar.
I'm running Android 7 on a HTC One M9.

Hey folks!


Thanks for your reports here. We're going to be marking this thread as Not an Issue at the moment. If you're having trouble, we'd suggest a running clean reinstall of Spotify on your device and to make sure you're rocking the latest firmware on you Gramofon.


If you're still having issues, just let us know the following;


  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Version of Spotify
  • Gramofon Firmware version


Cheers 🙂


Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @Ramonboon!


Thanks for letting us know about this. Did you notice it after a recent app or operating system update? If possible, let us know the app version you've installed.


Also, you can check in the phone settings if there is a battery optimization option that might be affecting Spotify. Keep us posted about it.


Take care!


Thanks for your reply!


I think its happening after the update to Android 7.0. And battery optimization is off for the spotify app. App version is armV7.


I'm having the same issue since the new Android 7.0 update, Samsung Galaxy 7. I can't control from lock screen or pull down notification bar. It's like you're app isn't running on my phone,  but still playing music. I have to go into the app itself to access player controls, pause, skip and such. Very annoying. I don't see any Android options effecting your app on my phone. I've also tried clearing cache with no luck. Please fix ASAP. 


Hey @JasonPurinton! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


@Ramonboon, we appreciate the info you've sent us. Could you guys try going to Settings > Battery > App Power Saving > Detail > (if On) Spotify > Turn off? If that doesn't work, take a look at the info on this page.


Let us know how everything works out 🙂


As I allready mentioned battery optimization is off. Sorry thats not causing the problem. The help page didn't help eather. 




 Android doesn't even have access to save power with your app anymore. I second what Ramonboon said. The help page was no help. 


Thanks for sharing that info with us, @Ramonboon and @JasonPurinton.


Could you guys go to your phone's Settings > Sound & Notifications, and pick "Show all" under "When device is locked"? It'd be awesome if you could also send us a screenshot of what you see when you're there.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply 🙂


See both images.










Problem fixed!


Settings, notification settings, allow setting to receive notifications from Spotify. 


For me the issue stil excists. 

Env: prod