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I've waited for a responsefor 2 weeks now... My lock screen pausing no longer works. I've tried a hard reset multiple times.I turned it off and restarted it before installing. My phone is up to date. This is not isolated to only my device. this is a huge safety concern for me while I'm driving.




United States


Samsung Galaxy s8

Operating System

Android version 9


My Question or Issue


Hey folks,


Thanks for the info you've provided so far.


In order to continue looking into this, could you confirm the following for us:

  • your device + OS version
  • the exact Spotify version running on your device
  • a screenshot of how the lock-screen appears?

Thanks - keep us posted!

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@Peter thanks for looking into this.

Plan: Premium

Country: CANADA

Device: SAMSUNG A70

Operating System: Android 9 (let me know if you need further software info)

Spotify Version: (at time of posting) and issue has persisted into


Screenshot of issue:

 Spotify lockscreen bug.jpg