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Longstanding issues with Chromecast (Android and Web player)

Current and longstanding issues with Chromecast (both Android and Web player):

- Availble Chromecast devices are regularly not listed in the Devices tab even when they are available and visible to other apps. This can sometimes be fixed by using another app or device (not spotify) to cast something and then stop casting.

- Playback often stops and disconnects.

- Once playback stops tracks will no longer play until the player is restarted (web player only)

- After a disconnect it sometimes becomes impossible to reconnect (the reconnection attempt fails after some time)

- Current song often goes out of sync (the song actually playing will be different to the stated current song)

- Volume buttons on android often stop working.


Also note that these are not caused by network misconfigurations or other environment issues as I have many other apps that do not suffer from these issues and work flawlessly with Chromecast.


Is there any official word on these bugs? If not can we please get one. They have been present for such a long time now I am wondering if they will ever be fixed. If they are known and acknowledged can we get an idea of their priority. On the other hand if they are seen as 'working as intended' can we get a confirmation of that so people affected by them can make arrangements to move to another service.


Hey everyone,


We're closing this thread as we didn’t receive an answer from you. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


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Me too.

Phones, tablets working fine with chromecast audio devices one day, not the next. Restart router, phone, reinstall app, sometimes helps sometimes not. Very flaky.


I have had similar issues with chromecast with my phone. All other devices work but not Spotify. It's frustrating and I do not feel like download the app every other day. It still has issues after the download anyway.




I suffer from the same issues. I have many Chromecasts throughout my house and enjoy havekng Spotify play everywhere but these issues are getting rediculous. I constantly have to force stop the Spotify app or reconnect WiFi so Spotify will find devices. Starting today, the Spotify app hasn't been able to see ANY Chromecast devices and even my Spotify Connect speaker has been having issues. 


Also these issues are ONLY with the Spotify app. Not any other Chromecast enabled apps


I have using Chome Cast on two units, both as single units and aws a group. It have works fine for about a year. My devices are Windows 10 and Android 8. Now the only way to get the Chrome Cast devices (on other apps. Chrome Cast of course works without throuble) is by using Spotify Connect in a Chrome browser. When the Chrome Cast device is connected using Spotify Connect, They are also available in the Windows 10 and Android apps, but only the actual Spotify Connect connected device. They disapears again when disconnecting.

My daily Spotify app is Android 8 controling the Chrome Cast devices, and this is not usable anymore.

The Spotify app is of course uninstalled; data erased; re-installed and so on, without anything changed.

Windows 10 and the Android 8 apps have the same issues, so my guess is that the problem are common for those two (the Spotify server).

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey everyone!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


We had a hiccup earlier this week, but should be fixed already. If you're still unable to find your Chromecast device from the Spotify app, try reinstalling it and giving it another go.


Keep us on the loop.


As mentioned in the original post these are ongoing issues that have been present for a long time - at least 6 months since I've been using Chromecast together with Spotify and they were likely present for a while before then too.



I have experienced all of the previously mentioned issues today, some of them on both Android app and Web Player. I regularly switch between the two because they both stop working so often.


I'm happy to provide more info if you can tell me what you need to know.




@mattos Just to confirm, are your devices part of a home group or is this happening to single Chromecast you use? Also, altough you said it's not network related, are you able to use a different internet connection or WiFi to test if the same issues come up?


Keep us posted.

my devices, two items, are configured as single units and as a group.
When they failed, the WiFi works perfect, and the Cromecasts were usabel
from other apps without problems. Even the Google Home app was able to show
and control the Chromecast from the failing mobil (the Spotify session was
setup by another mobil running an older Spotify version).
My home network contain different WiFi connection points. Switching between
them didn't change anything.

The good story is that the error disapeared the day after without doing any
But, as mention by others, these issues with Chromecast and Spotify are not
standalone problems. They occurs from time to time.
Other apps don't have the same amount of troubles, that's why claiming.


Thanks for the update @Kaj_B!


Just to confirm, is anyone else having this problem still? Let us know if you already tried the clean reinstall as @Alfredo mentioned. We'll see what else to suggest.


Take care!


I will try a clean reinstall but just to be clear - this is not just a problem with the Android app, this is a problem that exists in the web client too and possibly other clients I have not used. The web client still had these issues for me yesterday.


I will try the Android app with a clean reinstall tomorrow and post another update.


In response to your question about network - we have two, connected WiFi networks here and the problems listed above occur on both of them. Again, no other application suffers from these Chromecast issues on either of my home networks so I can only assume Spotify has a broken Chromecast implementation.