Lost downloads

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I have re downloaded a bunch of albums as have been in the sandbox. 24 hrs later I can't play them offline. **bleep** gonna row my dingy from NZ and have a wee chat if they don't re appear v **bleep** quickly.Mobile data down under is **bleep** expensive. sfno111.
Status changed to: Not Right Now

Hey @sfno11! 


Thanks for getting in touch with our Community. 


Are you still having issues with your offline songs? If so, can you remove all your offline devices here and reinstall the app on your device? After this, try downloading your songs. 


Give us a shout if anything goes sideways, we'd love to help. 

I guess it's gonna be filed under ' one of those things. SNAFU'. Have
redownloaded some stuff and all seems fine. Thanks to all who passed on
their info. sfno111.
Status changed to: Not Right Now
Status changed to: Not Right Now

Hi! What you might want to do is ready install the app and download them again. If that doesn't work I recommend going on a live chat with Spotify, they have helped me a lot in the past.

Have a great day!

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