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Low volume casting with Chromecast Audio

Hey folks,


We're seeing reports that the volume is lower than it should be when casting with Chromecast. The relevant team is aware of this and they are currently looking into it. 


If you're experiencing this, we'd first recommend deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app and rebooting your casting device, router, and Chromecast. Make sure that all devices are up to speed with any software updates.


If the issue persists, let us know by adding your +VOTE and the following details in a comment below:

  • Your casting device and its OS version
  • The Spotify version on your casting device
  • The Chromecast firmware version

We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies, thanks!

Hey all,


As we've heard back from you, we can confirm this should be fixed!


As a heads-up, it's good to double-check you're on the latest firmware and Spotify app versions available.


Should the issue arise in the future, please make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board and include the following details:

  • Your casting device and it's OS version
  • The Spotify version on your casting device
  • The current Chromecast firmware version you're on (here's how you can locate that for your device)


Thank you!

Status changed to: Under investigation

Uninstalled everything, reverted my Chromecast to factory default. Updated all software that I possibly could despite the fact I knew all was already up to date.. Still..


Same result in the end, low sound volume even though I set all at MAX volume level every step of the way. It's even worse, I think..


It has been going on for months now.. Will the tech team end up doing something about it or what?




I am having the same problem. I have a digital switcher to change between my PC coax and Chromecast optical so I can compare very rapidly. When using the Chromecast to play Spotify the volume is significantly quieter than from my PC. However, if I do the same test with the PC version of Radioplayer verses the Android version then the volumes are identical. This is the case when using both my Oneplus 7T and Sony Z3 Compact Tablet. 


I have Spotify and the Chromecast updated to the latest version. It is very irritating to have to have the volume significantly higher for Chromecast use as it put my amp under additional load unnecessarily, it also sounds a bit less dynamic.





  • Your casting device and its OS version:

Oneplus 7T running Android 10 

Sony Z3 Tablet Compact running Android 8.1


  • The Spotify version on your casting device:

Version on both devices. 


  • The Chromecast firmware version

Chromecast Audio firmware version: 1.42.172094


As I already said in the old post (when Spotify didn't admit this is an issue of theirs), the problem is when the cast is started from the Spotify app, in my case ALWAYS get low volume. And the volume stays low if I inmediately disconnect the cast and start it from my Google Home Mini ('Ok Google, play XXXX in Chromecast Audio').  But after some time/some actions I have not yet been able to identify, if I start again the cast from the Google Home Mini, the volume is high. And then I can switch the control to the Spotify app to play other songs, etc. and the volume stays high. 


I always keep the Spotify app and device firmware updated to the latest versions. I have factory reset Chromecast and seen no improvement.  I experience low volume when casting from both my Galaxy S10 and from google home mini to Chromecast.


 On some occasions, volume and sound quality is normal but on more than 95% occasions, volume is low and sounds compressed. I am now reluctantly using google music which plays at the correct volume and sound quality. I also trialed Apple music and Amazon Music and found both to sound very good..  I will recommence my spotifuggle subscription if this issue is fixed. 




Hey folks,


Thanks for getting back to us with confirmation of the issue.


In order to continue looking into this, we'll need the following info from you:

  • Your casting device and its OS version
  • The Spotify version on your casting device
  • The Chromecast firmware version (here's how you can locate that for your device)

Once we have that, we can pass it on to the team investigating this.


Thanks - keep us posted!


I experience lower volume when casting Spotify to a Chromecast Audio whether I begin the cast from iOS, Android, ChromeOS, or a Google Home Mini. I can cast from other apps and the volume is several db louder. With Spotify, the volume is always slightly less/attenuated. This has been ongoing for months regardless of platform I use to cast. Is there any relation to Spotify using the 256 AAC codec for Chromecast streaming? I have no such volume issue when connecting my iOS device to my DAC, which should be 320 ogg vorbis as it is streaming thru my iPhone.


Also problems with this issue!


Required info:

OnePlus 6 - Android 10, Oyxgen OS 10.3.0 / Windows 10, 1909 (18363.592) PC 

Spotify version

Chromecast 1 (FW: 1.42.172094) 



I have this issue with chromecast audio and chromecast 3rd gen. It's at least 30% quieter with exact music and volume settings when compared to other apps (in my case comparing to soundcloud or spotify connect on android tv). 


iphone 8 - iOS 13.3

Spotify version 8.5.42

Chromecast audio (FW: 1.42.172094)

Chromecast 3rd gen (just returned it but had latest firmware)


Chromecast 2nd generation:
FW-version: 1.42.172094

Device 1:
OS: Windows 10 Home; version 10.0.18362 Build 18362
Spotify version:

Device 2:
Samsung S10e
OS: Android 10
Spotify version:

Device 3:
iPad Air 2
PS: iOS 13.3
Spotify version:

With all devices I hear that the same song played from Qobuz on Chromecast is about 10 dB louder and (also at mp3 quality) sounds much better (especially brightness).

Using Spotify Connect on my receiver works fine from any of these devices.