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Lyrics Sharing Not Working

Hey everyone,


We’re receiving reports that the Lyrics Sharing feature is not working. Before you keep on reading, note that this issue is different than not seeing Lyrics at all.

Hey everyone,


We can confirm that the main issue has been resolved.


We understand that there might still be some users that cannot share lyrics. 


If you experience this, you can reach out to our CS team. The folks there will be able to help with it as this will require some account adjustments.

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Spotify Legend

Hey everybody,


Great news, we've received word that this should now be fixed and wanted to check how it's looking on your end.


If you still can't see the Share option, please make sure that you're running the latest Spotify version. You might also need to restart your device.


Note that this fix might take a couple of days to reach everyone.


Keep us posted 🙂


Hi, i have a premium duo account and i cant see lyrics on my iphone 13 but it works on the desktop app and web app.

if I create a new FREE account everything works


IOS 15.1.1 up to date

Spotify version:


With the latest update of yesterday I still do not have lyrics. I have a duo Spotify with my wife. She HAS GOT lyrics! She also has got the iPhone 12 and Spotify version



Indeed frustrating. And even more frustrating: Spotify doesn’t have an official communication what’s the issue, how they are going to tackle it and a possible timing.


Somehow i can‘t see the lyrics.

I‘m on a premium family plan and have the oldest account.

Just tried to login with a friends account who isn‘t on the family plan and then the lyrics show. So it has to be a problem with my account rather than my device.


iPhone XR

Spotify Version



Hello, below are the details requested. 

iPhone XS Max

iOS 15.1

Spotify version 8.6.84


I deleted and reinstalled the app twice and it’s not working on my phone, but in the desktop app I can see the lyrics.


Hi, I still cannot get the lyrics on my android phone.


Google Pixel 6

Android 12



Hello, I still have the problem with my phone

Samsung note 10+

Android 11



My gf got the same problem..

Huawei P30 Pro

Android 10



after deleting and reinstalling the app the lyrics still don’t appear as an option! 

iPhone 6s

iOS 15.0

spotify version:


So  when can we get a solution?? I want the lyrics!