Lyrics feature not working - "Could not load lyrics" error message

Hey folks,

We've received multiple reports from users that they're unable to use the Lyrics feature and are currently receiving "Could not load lyrics" error in almost every song. Issue seems to affect Android, Desktop and iOS devices.


This is being investigated by our teams! 



Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Starting from today, almost all lyrics on all my devices are unavailable, even on the web version of Spotify. I see "Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error almost in every song. But some songs displays lyrics correctly. Previously, all lyrics features worked perfectly.

I have already tried every possible solution to this problem. Spotify Support did not help me and said that "they will work on solving this problem".

I recently bought a 1 year premium and just want the lyrics to be available for me. What is happening, how can it be fixed?

Thanks for your answers.


Yesterday i noticed something with Spotify, i would go to listen to a song that's in the top charts and another really old but very well known song by Bon Jovi, i couldn't remember the lyrics for part of the song so as i checked, i found that there weren't any for the song and so i tried the next song to see if that had lyrics.... nope, so i tried the next song... still no lyrics but then i go to listen to a song that has about 100k listens and it has lyrics. Literally almost all of the songs that used to have lyrics for them, don't anymore and it's the well known, popular songs.


I've had this same problem.


i have the same problem! 😞


I can't seem to find any of the lyrics for popular songs as well. For some songs, they were showing just fine yesterday, but suddenly, they have disappeared.


Thank you, for letting me that I'm not the only and and I'm not going crazy, it's super weird.


Me too. Starting to get me irritated.


Hello. From what I can tell, the entire discography for Bon Jovi has been restricted from MXM (see screenshots for examples). This means that the music publishing company or the artist has restricted Musixmatch from showing the lyrics to their songs on both their site and other services (including Spotify). Your guy's best bet to get these unrestricted is to contact the artist and see if they could resolve the issue (because this is a matter between the artist and publishing company). Actually, you aren't alone. From three months ago, many other popular songs have been restricted. Hopefully this could be resolved sometime soon between publishing companies and MXM.


P.S. The lyric problem for popular and nonpopular songs have to do with how lyrics are written:

1: Voluntarily

  • The lyric writer writes the lyrics because they believe that the song deserves lyrics (usually depends on their music taste).
  • The lyric writer gets no incentive for writing these lyrics.

2: Missions

  • The lyric writer can opt into writing lyrics for getting incentives (money).
  • They are given a list of random songs from random artists and different genres.
  • They can not sort the list in any list (other than languages).
  • Although this list does have famous artists, they are usually packed with unpopular artists.


Basically, many unpopular artists are worked on as lyric writers can gain incentive for writing lyrics for their songs. Also, depending on who the publishing company is, they could permanently disable the lyrics from popping up until you ask them not to (happens especially to popular artists. Speaking of publishing companies, they have a big role in the availability of lyrics. For example, the big league publishers (ex. WMG and UMG) are more strict in how their artists manage their music. However, publishers for indie artists (such as DistroKid) have little to no access to how the artists use their music, allowing them for more freedom with their work, hence why many indie artist's lyrics are public while popular artist's lyrics are commonly restricted/unviewable.


Hopefully this answered your question of how many unpopular artists have viewable lyrics, while it is the direct opposite for mainstream artists.



I'm having a problem with my lyrics showing up as well everything was working fine until today when the lyrics just stopped popping it and it says they can't be loaded I've tried everything I can thing of I reinstalled the app, made a new account, cleared cache I honestly have no idea what to try to fix this issue and I would appreciate some suggestions.



happened to me as well its irritating