Lyrics not appearing



Operating System Version:

 El Capitan

Spotify Version:


 Lyrics dont show up for any song. I have even checked songs that I know have lyrics too

To reproduce:

  1. Play a song
  2. click to view lyrics




Additional information:

 Bug seems to appear since the update with the animated background instead of the artist picture


This is normal. Musixmatch has disbanded from the Spotify desktop app, so it doesn't have lyrics to songs anymore. It appears that Spotify may be rolling out their own lyrics system.



"Hey! Lyrics is currently unavailable as we're making some big improvements to the feature. We'll share more updates soon"

Status changed to: Not An Issue

Same here! I love to look at lyrics and MOST of the songs I have had lyrics on them before and now they have spoof away! 😞 I really hope they don't remove this feature from Spotify. 



Hi the lyrics arent avalible for a while with the new update so dont worry about it everyone is in the same boat .


I would very much appreciate the lyric option to be added back to Spotify.


Good news!


Lyrics are now available for ALL Spotify users worldwide


You can read this Spotify news article for more information:

You Can Now Find the Lyrics to Your Favorite Songs in Spotify. Here’s How. 


You can view the support article for lyrics right here.



But it does not work on macOS Monterey (12.2.1) with Spotify für macOS (Intel)


So not all devices 😞


Hey @Michi_F 


You should be able to see lyrics.


Try logging out of the desktop app, and logging back in.


If that doesn't work, you will need to contact support. I've seen that some users got it working after doing so.