[Mac] Client crashes after 30 seconds







MacBook Pro (Mid-2012), 10.14.3 (all updates installed), Spotify


My Question or Issue

Spotify always crashes 30 seconds after application start. No error, no warning, it simply quits whether a song is playing or the app is idle. The problem occurred under MacOS 10.13 from time to time but has been permanent since the last update to 10.14 a week ago.


Steps tried to solve the issue, yet no success

  1. Updated and re-installed Spotify (according to official instructions deleting relevant Library folders), did all MacOS-related updates
  2. Added Spotify to Allowed Applications under Privacy > Accessibility and Privacy > Full Disk Access
  3. Quit BetterTouchTool and BetterSnapTool as potential apps interfering with Spotify
  4. Switched off Hardware Acceleration, Crossfade Songs and logged in with another account
  5. Rebooted several times

Active Spotify Processes (copied from Activity Monitor)

Spotify – Spotify Helper – VTDecoderXPCService – Spotify Helper – Spotify Helper 

(I may try to obtain a process sample during the crash if requested)


I am looking forward to your ideas on how to solve the issue. Currently, I am not able to use Spotify on my Mac at all which is sad.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, let us know and we’ll look into it.




iMac: Retina 4k - 21.5 inch (Late 2015)

OS: Mojave 10.14.3

Most recent version of desktop Spotify app

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for raising this issue with us.

Could we ask you to try using another user account on macOS (not the Spotify account) and see if that fixes the issue for you?

Thanks! Let us know how it goes.


Having a similar problem on my recently purchased iMac running 10.14.3 and Spotify 

launches Spotify, starts playing and after 45-sec approx. Spotify just dies. No errror messages att all. 

Restarting Spotify gives the same result, as soon as i start playing a song it dies after a short while.


Have done the reinstallation procedure a few times, worked fine the first time but not anymore.


However, logging in as another user and launching Spotify with the same spotify-account as earlier it works fine, at least for some 15 minutes. 

Must be some rubbish left in my user profile or what? 


I created a new user account in Mac OS and spotify does not crash. Migrating to a new Mac OS user account would not be acceptable for me though.


My system:

  • MacBook Pro (Retina i7 Early 2013)
  • macOS 10.14.3
  • Spotify version:

Im having the same issue on a 13-inch macbook pro 2018.

MacOS Mojave 10.14.3



Ok, still having the same issue on my iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017), however i fired up my MacBook Pro (Retina middle 2012) with 10.14.3 and Spotify and it plays on just fine for several hours. 

Now, anyone got a tip on how i can download an older version of the spotify app?




family Premium




 Macbook Pro late 2016

Operating System


My Question or Issue

in the last two weeks spotify started to quit after 2-5 minutes, it just get close with no messege or crash report

i reinstalld the latest version

delete spotify cache

delete spotify from applicatin support

i chacked the hosts file no spotify line there

and still i have this problem 

*when i use my friend user account spotify works fine so i guess that the problem is not from my macbook pro.

Spotify Legend

Hey everyone,


Thanks for your patience.


We've looked into this with our tech team and since this seems to be due to the setup of Spotify on your Mac device, we recommend you to reach out to Apple about this for more information.


Have a nice day!

That’s it? That’s your response? A month later and “ask Apple”? LAME.

I am facing the same issue for weeks now and I agree, this is a totally lame response from Spotify. Even if Apple made an update that made this issue appear, still its totally Spotify's responsibility to rectify it. Maybe Spotify needs to open a communication with about this. But not every paying customer who is having this issue, this is ridiculous. 

Spotify please let me know if you have plans to fix this!