[Mac][Desktop] Adding Tracks to Playlist Causes Crash

Status: Fixed

Status: Fixed


Ongoing reports that adding tracks to playlists on Mac OS X, either via right click or drag and drop causes a client crash. 


To reproduce:

  • Attempt to add tracks to a playlist by either method.
  • First attempt will normally work, future adding actions may cause a client crash. 





Additional information:

Latest reports suggest this is still an issue in v0.9.8.x and is not fixed by a clean reinstallation. 


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your OSX version.
  2. Spotify app version installed. 
  3. If you've done a clean reinstallation and deleted the folders outlined.
  4. If this happening with just one, some or all playlists.
  5. If right click works but drag and drop does not.





2014-05-19: This should be fixed in v0.9.10.x.


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1. OSX Version: 10.9.2

2. Spotify Version:

3. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but not sure about deleted folders... sorry.

4. Error occurs with all playlists

5. First noticed error with drag and drop, so switched to right click. Now it also crashes when using right click. So both methods cause Spotify to crash.


Additional details:

1. Error was occuring even before I upgraded my Mac software about a month ago.

2. Error ocrurs even in PC version of Spotify which I have downloaded onto my PC at work (the Mac I use primarily is my personal laptop). Unless I use the browser-based version, I cannot add to a playlist without risk of crashing.

3. It seems as though each time I restart the Spotify app anew that I can add to a playlist once with no trouble. However, after that first addition, I cannot add anything else without a crash occurring.


Happens to me too from time to time. Spotify Version:



Seems like to happen more often when drag'n'drop ALL songs from 1 playlist (user playlist or album) into one of my personal playlists. But also sometimes with just a few songs at the time. Don't recall that it happened only with 1 single song.



I'm having the same problem over here.


OSX Version: 10.9.2

Spotify Version:


After one add of one/multipal tracks, the second add causes a crash.



I get an instant crash anytime I add a local only song to a playlist


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. launch the Spotify app on an iPhone 5, iOS7

2. go to a song that's been sync'd, but no available in Spotify's catalog

3. try to add the song to a playlist

4. the app crashes instantly


What I expected to happen

no crash, just like on Mac OS where this feature works as expected


What actually happened

Instant crash and the song is not added


My iPad/iPhone model

iPhone 5


Device’s Operating System



Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?



My mobile Spotify version

E.g. 0.8.4.


My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)


My provider and country



My username


Status changed to: Fixed

I have the same problem.


1. macOS Sierra 10.12.3

2. Spotify Version

3. Did a clean installation

4. Happenes in any playlist, the little window that comes up when right clicking ("Add to Queue, Go to Song Radio etc) freezez and doesn't go away. The only think that make it disappear if I go to the top menu ->Spotify -> about Spotify



I used to be able to drag songs into my playlists but now it seems that the dragging doesn't work anymore - not sure if this a bug or an intended change from Spotify. So the only way I can add songs is by right clicking and this method has issues.