Mac OS: Coming out of stand-by playing via Bluetooth doesn't work

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Spotify has a problem with stand-by and Bluetooth on Mac OS X. When I open my Macbook Pro and it comes out of stand-by it automatically reconnects to my Bluetooth-speaker. When the Spotify-app is still open and I hit play I see the song playing (the seconds count up), but I don't hear any music.


I have to shutdown the Spotify-app and restart it, only then when I hit play I will also hear music.


I have tried this on multiple Macbooks and reinstalled Spotify several times. It really looks like a Spotify software issue in de Mac OS X-version. 



Closed as the user hasn't gotten back to us. 


Hey @Coen1!


While your MacBook's in stand by, is the Bluetooth device out of range at any point?


Which version of the app and OS X are you currently running?


I have the same problem. When coming out of stand by no sound is played, the thing is that I'm not connected anymore to the Bluetooth device, it's turned off. Then I turn off bluetooth on the computer and still nothing happens until I have restarted the application.


OS X 10.10.3


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Could you please have a look at this post and follow the steps to provide more info?



Status changed to: Closed

Closed as the user hasn't gotten back to us.