[Mac][OSX 10.5] Spotify doesn't work any more

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Status: Resolved again


Having worked previously, installing and using Spotify-0.8.5.dmg seems to result in a crash, rendering the app unusable

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2013-05-16: We are investigating the issue

2013-05-17: We have fixed this, again.




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Status: Fixed

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Got the same problem, I downgraded to 0.8.5 and it doesn't work anymore. It just crashes.


I'm getting so **bleep**ing pissed at spotify, if they won't let us downgrade I'll just end my subscription and use the new Google Play Music All Access.


Why are you doing this spotify? Why? Seriously just **bleep**ing why?




Why are you doing this spotify? Why? Seriously just **bleep**ing why?

Spotify = Hollywood record labels + Goldman Sachs + Coca-Cola + some incompetent lifestyle executives.


These are not companies that are known for their care and respect of customers. Quite the opposite, in fact.


Draw your own conclusions.






I have the same problem as Crispyrhea. It happened to me exactly as how it was described in the post!

Please, Spotify, do something!

Music Fan

Me too since yesterday. Using 10.5.8 ios and the o.8.5.1333 spotify. Dissappears the second it opens. Would be good to have an update from Spotify! This needs to be sorted asap.......



Same problem here, since yesterday evening. Very frustrating...



Spotify crashes. I can log in but program doesn't open. There's no message about crashing ("application quit unexpectedly..").


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. I opened Spotify like always 

2. It worked like 3-5 minutes, then crashed.

3. I tried to re-open it a few times, but it didn't

4. I deleted Spotify from my computer following instructions here on this forum

5. I downloaded it again

6. When I opened Spotify, it let me sing in but then crashed

7. Tried to delete and re-install it almost 10 times, but it doesn't work


What I expected to happen

Spotify working like always. I had problems before but re-installing helped.


What actually happened

Nothing. Spotify doesn't work


My Operating System


Mac OSX 10.5.8

2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


My Spotify version



My internet provider and country

Sonera - Finland


My username