[Mac][OSX 10.5] Spotify doesn't work any more

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Status: Resolved again


Having worked previously, installing and using Spotify-0.8.5.dmg seems to result in a crash, rendering the app unusable

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2013-05-16: We are investigating the issue

2013-05-17: We have fixed this, again.




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Status: Fixed

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Music Fan

I don't understand whats happening. Broken, Fixed, worked. Shouldn't that have been the end of it? It's like someone keeps messing around with it. Fix it and leave it alone!



Same problem with windows pc. I can't come inside to spotify before I been kicked out again. It has been this since yesterday and it still a problem. Hope some of the crew members here on spotify can fix this. 

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Same problem here.

I had to downgrade the app to the Spotify v.6 version to get it running !


Impression now (Per - Community Manager) is they are investigating at least.


It would be better if they could give an ETA for when the next version will be ready for us Spotify users running it via Mac OS 10.5.8 ... (and anyone other Mac non-Mac users affected).


Timeline, Spotify Technicians? (by midday tomorrow would be good!) :)


Same here since this morning!


I have rebooted and installed several of the older versions: nothing!


It opens for 2 seconds and it crashes! No error messages at all.


I'll give it til tomorrow and then cancel my Premium plan.

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I have the same problem as most people. It happened to me exactly as it was described in many posts.
I'm using Mac OS 10.5.8. A while ago, Spotify started to bug and/or to refuse to start. Then it completely refused to start.
So, after checking the Spotify forum, I recently downloaded the downgrade to Spotify
This worked the first time
I ran it (and maybe also a second time - I'm not sure), but now, when I try to start Spotify, it starts a little. The system appears to automatically identify me, and I get as far as the Spotify playlist window (or whatever it's called), with a message highlighted in yellow in a horizontal bar near the top, saying something like "In a few months time, Spotify updates will not be available for your platform". This screen & message are visible for about half a second, and then Spotify quits.

Any solutions?
Many thanks in advance

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well, try to reinstall de v.6. version. It worked for me :)


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version 6.3.37 works for me too. hopefully it stays this way....


wow.. seems like everyone has the same issue. please fix it soon team spotify =(


if it still doesnt work by the end of this week, can anyone recommend me another app like this? ;D


If you've got access to Deezer you should check it out. Good song selection and because it's a webapp, it works.