[Mac][OSX 10.5] Spotify doesn't work any more

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Status: Resolved again


Having worked previously, installing and using Spotify-0.8.5.dmg seems to result in a crash, rendering the app unusable

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2013-05-16: We are investigating the issue

2013-05-17: We have fixed this, again.




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Status: Fixed

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Music Fan

It's defintely odd. Google are just about to launch a rival product and Spotify seem to be putting themselves beyond customers reach. Bizarre. The thing was working two days ago, so what happened? Will it be fixed or is it just to resign ourselves to the fact that Spotify is no longer an option on our OS and wait for Goofle Play instad?

Casual Listener

got exact problem, exact....



for christs sake

get your act together spotify


I, a Premium customer, am also experiencing the crash issue. Has this still not been resolved? If not, will this month's fee be waived, or will customers be reimbursed? It seems unfair to require a fee for the month that the applicaton is unusable. 

Music Fan

If they can't or won't fix it, then that's cool. I just want to know instad of having to constantly come back here asking for help. It's tiresome. I understand there's problems, but when you fix something, it should be fixed, not just more issues. If Spotify are saying that they will no longer support anything but the latest platforms - then fine, but can you just release a statement saying so? I can wait for Google Play but I don't want to spend 99kr a month on something that won't ever be useable.



Hi guys, the older version works for me. A temporary solution as we wait for Spotify to fix the problem!

Come on Spotify!


Same bug again!!

it becomes really annoying to not be able to use a system you are paying for monthly. How hard can it be to not make te same mistake over and over again?

You guys should offer a big public excuse and payback for your terrible service over the last months. 


I am so Angree right now 
i am a profesional muscian who has been a premium customer for over 3 years .. i cant upgrade my OS due to other software
i Use Spotify to personaly learn muisic for alll the gigs i have ... its esstial part of my daily busness, and now i am angree when i think of the houres i have spent in the last few months trying all of these fixes to get it working..

and once again its broken 

Spotify if you dont sort this by mid next week im canceling my subscription and going over to with Google or Grooveshark !!

seriously.... im really fed up 

p.s. would like to thank all the people in the comuity for there time and effort in finding fixes in the past few months (its amazing that the public are putting more time into fixing spotify's software than the compay its self )


Same as everyone else, but this older version does work




Fab..this works!