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[Mac] Spotify not working after updating to macOS Catalina




United States


Macbook Pro Mid 2014)

Operating System

Mac OS Catalina 10.15


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I just finished installing Mac OS Catalina, and each time I try to open Spotify, the icon jumps like normal as if it’s about to open, and then it just doesn’t open. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify several times as well as clearing the cache, but the problem still persists. Is there any way to fix it? 

Hey folks,


Going on the latest reports from users who were affected by the issue, we're marking this as 'Fixed'.


If you're still experiencing this issue, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here - we'll be happy to jump in and help you out as soon as we can.




Hi there,

I voted too fast...

I thought Spotify is a app store managed program - argh.

Re-installing a fresh download from fixed the issue

on my machine.



Hey folks,


We appreciate your patience so far 🙂


Could you check if you have VoiceOver or voice control enabled in the accessibility settings in System Preferences (it's not on by default, so you would have to enabled it manually)?


Once we have that info, we'll pass it on to the team in charge.


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂


VoiceOver and Voice control are both disabled.


But... My Spotify actually sometimes stays open now. Opening Preferences will crash it everytime though. And it will fail to reopen afterwards.


@Peter  VoiceOver and Voice control are both disabled. I've tried anableling no difference...







Same problem- Spotify is the only app on my 2017 iMac that exhibits this problem..


Same issue!

Its very annoying!

Already tried everything from above, nothing helped.

Please, any solutions?


Plan: Premium 

Country: Austria 

Device: Macbook Pro 15-inch 2017

Operating System: Mac OS Catalina 10.15


Mac mini late 2018
macOS Catalina Versie 10.15


Hey @AlexMontes 

I noticed you were using the on-screen keyboard on your desktop


I think that it is a problem with the on screen accessibility keyboard. I closed out of the keyboard, and Spotify opens and stays open. But if I have the keyboard open and try to launch Spotify, it won't launch. It appears that Spotify still works if I open the keyboard after I launch Spotify though.


Hopefully this workaround will get me by until this gets resolved, as I must use the on-screen keyboard due to my disability. 


You are correct….
Turn off Mac Accessibility Keyboard and Spotify Opens….

Thanks for your help,



I haven't had any issues with Spotify so far since updating to Catalina. What immediately came to mind for me, though, is that Apple has discontinued support for 32-bit Mac apps with this update; Spotify has a 64-bit version, but if you've had it for awhile it's possible your version is 32-bit. However, if this is the case you should've been notified of the incompatibility during the update process when it gives you a heads-up of which installed apps won't work after the update.


Of course, this could also just be an issue with your computer specifically. When you reinstall Spotify and clear your cache, you could be leaving behind some files in your Library (or another system folder, perhaps) that are causing this issue. If you try to look into that, though, be sure to do so carefully so you don't mess up your OS poking around in important system directories.