Mac desktop application forces discrete graphic card



On my laptop (MacBook Pro mid-2010), Spotify ( always uses the discrete graphic card (both the application itself as well as the helper deamon). Consequently, Spotify drains the battery.


After investigating the issue, I found that there were more users experiencing the problem, which was fixed using the following:, which Spotify has now adapted (which I found when I looked at Info.plist). However, this problem only fixes the issue for 2011 and later MBPs. Other's suggested it was due to the advertisements shown in Spotify, but I have been using premium for years now, so that is not the issue here.


Therefore, I would like to submit this as a new issue (or old issue that has not yet been fixed).





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We're closing this thread as we haven't heard back from you in a while. Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you still have the same issue.


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I have a 2017 15 inch macbook pro and when I open spotify the GPU starts up and eats the battery.