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Major I/O write bytes on the Spotify Desktop app. It will kill SSD drives in record time (fixed)

EDIT: According to Spotify this issue has been fixed in the 1.0.42 version so the case has been closed. Personally I have no more issues with this anymore on any computer. Thanks everyone for making this happen !!!


original post:
Major disk write activity detected on the Windows/Mac app. Does not behave like that when using the browser player.

Please look into this thread, more details there:


Attached readouts from a Win7/64 PC during one hour and ten minutes. No offline playlist syncs and zero songs were played during that hour, only the spotify app tray active in background!

No disk drive, SSD or standard HDD can take that rate for a long period of time.




Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. As some of you have noted, the prior version of the Spotify desktop client may sometimes have caused unnecessary data to be written to storage devices. This issue has been fixed in the current version of the desktop client (1.0.42), released November 11th, and rolled out to all our users. If you try to run an older version, you will see it automatically restart and update to the new version shortly after you log in.
If for some reason you should encounter problems with the auto update, just follow these steps to perform a full reinstall.

If you're running a deprecated OS (Windows XP, Vista; OS X 10.7, 10.8), don't worry. A fix has automatically been rolled out to you too. To ensure you're running this version, just close/reopen the desktop app twice.

Again, we greatly appreciate your help here, and hope that you will continue to flag issues for us when they arise.

Did you open it with an hexadecimal editor (like hex-fiend) ?


I tried with the Hex Editor plugin for Notepad++, but I'll try with a dedicated editor, just in case.


Edit: Okay, so I'm guessing editing the binary isn't as straight-forward as with OSX. Can't really find anything legible when opening the file.


With hex-fiend I found it. Previously I tried vim and did not find it. Strange...

Now it seems to work. Great! Thank you.


This is ridiculous. What the **bleep**!
I've been frustrated with Spotify so many times.
A while ago they had a bug that added a wake timer to Windows and waked the computer at random times, now this.

And then they keep removing features like lyrics and don't even care to keep the community up to date.

I can confirm that the "VACUUM;" fixed worked for me, at least for now until the app decides to update again and brings some more quirks.


Reinstalling the app cannot be the solution. This is casuing severe damage to SSD / HDD Drives and MUST NOT occur. If you do not address this issue with an update you might be sued my multiple users for damaging the hardware of their computer systems.


Unfortunately, I am Mac user 😕


I'm also on a Mac. Just download iHex from the AppStore, and then open and edit as previously explained. You'll only find an instance of "VACUUM;".


Could people please post this information:

- Whether they are affected or not by these write bursts every few minutes

- What the size of their mercury.db file (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Spotify\mercury.db on Windows) is


I suspect that this is only occurring if that file is larger than some threshold (probably tens of Megabytes).

On my affected systems, that file is 50-100MB, but I don't have any non-affected systems to compare to.

Can confirm that after 24 hours the "VACUUM;" fix worked on my Mac.