Major I/O write bytes on the Spotify Desktop app. It will kill SSD drives in record time (fixed)

EDIT: According to Spotify this issue has been fixed in the 1.0.42 version so the case has been closed. Personally I have no more issues with this anymore on any computer. Thanks everyone for making this happen !!!


original post:
Major disk write activity detected on the Windows/Mac app. Does not behave like that when using the browser player.

Please look into this thread, more details there:


Attached readouts from a Win7/64 PC during one hour and ten minutes. No offline playlist syncs and zero songs were played during that hour, only the spotify app tray active in background!

No disk drive, SSD or standard HDD can take that rate for a long period of time.




Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. As some of you have noted, the prior version of the Spotify desktop client may sometimes have caused unnecessary data to be written to storage devices. This issue has been fixed in the current version of the desktop client (1.0.42), released November 11th, and rolled out to all our users. If you try to run an older version, you will see it automatically restart and update to the new version shortly after you log in.
If for some reason you should encounter problems with the auto update, just follow these steps to perform a full reinstall.

If you're running a deprecated OS (Windows XP, Vista; OS X 10.7, 10.8), don't worry. A fix has automatically been rolled out to you too. To ensure you're running this version, just close/reopen the desktop app twice.

Again, we greatly appreciate your help here, and hope that you will continue to flag issues for us when they arise.

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Something IS very wrong at the moment. And when we start seeing all the macbooks of the world catching on fire its too late. And all other people with lets say 1-3 years old computers with SSD drives will have a blue monday soon. Just if they have the Spotify app installed, no need to even use it or listen to music. It will kill your computer without a warning. And this is not just an opinion, its a fact. Its only a matter of time.

Spotify needs to address this issue asap. For their own sake. Or do we really want this app to be the next Samsung note..?


@Fixoon wrote:



Edit: Reinstalled Spotify today and it looks much better. Just over 1GB written with like 2 hours listening and 1 hour idle. Still could be better but much better than before... 

I tried reinstalling (deleting Spotify from applications and downloading a new copy), but it has not helped me — the new installation has written 12GB in just over 6 hours. Ugh!


Is there any way we can submit this as a formal bug report to Spotify?

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I encourage everyone having this problem to submit a support ticket, and tweet at spotify @spotifycares. Right now, they're just telling everyone to reinstall, as though that will fix it (I don't believe it does). 


They will only listen if enough noise is made.

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@MinionMan74 I think we need to wait for a moderator to go through the comments and update the issue .. althrough i don't even know how much time it's going to take 😕


Same issue. About every 5 minutes or so, the application writes around 250MB to the SSD.


Running Spotify version on macOS Sierra 10.12.1

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Hey guys, i got an idea, that worked on my laptop (windows 10 here, but works down to windows 7. There should be some alternative for mac).

Anyone having more than 8gigs of ram ? I have 16, so I created a 4gb ram disk, and used windows's mklink command to make a symbolic link from C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Local\Spotify to the ramdisk. therefore, all writes to this folder (including mercury.db) are redirected to the ramdisk. And spotify just doesn't see the change, so it works flawlessly.


I checked, deleting this folder doesn't log you out, and spotify still works. As the ramdisk is cleared after a restart, you'll always get a new fresh DB, and all the writes redirected to the ramdisk. So now your SSD is safe from it 😄 

Spotify's important files (the actual app and some other stuff are in C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify. Don't move that to the ramdisk. Your preferences are also in this folder, that's why you're not logged out.

For the ramdisk, i use ImDisk, with it's UI. Configure it to also redirect your temp while you're at it 🙂 The good part, it's dynamic, if you give it 4gb, it won't use 4gb of ram, but just the space needed for what's inside, with an upper limit of 4gb (configurable).


Edit : for more info and detailed guide :

hope it helps. If you have any questions, just ask 🙂

PS: This is temporary safe fix, but we still wait a REAL patch. 


I have to report the same issue. Over 150 GB has been written on my disk today. This kinda sucks, knowing how it's affecting my SSD. I don't really want to leave Spotify and start using Apple Music. Please, fix it! 🙂


37.7 GB, what?!?! At least clean up some of that, goddam. 


Hi all,


Been tracking this thread since I posted myself. Some great temporary options for the issues. So far it seems the issue might be from spotify, chrome, or firefox in how it handles cache'ing of data.


Side note, I'm hoping that we continue to call these temporary fixes or loop-holes and not solutions in case someone comes by later and marks one as approved as solution. That would diminsh our efforts of getting a legitimate fix.


I'm using Mac OS X El Capitan,


Just checked the Activity Monitor on Disk tab, I noticed spotify has written 6.36 GB of data! I haven't played any song, I kept spotify open since startup.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 4.44.37 PM.png