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Major I/O write bytes on the Spotify Desktop app. It will kill SSD drives in record time (fixed)

EDIT: According to Spotify this issue has been fixed in the 1.0.42 version so the case has been closed. Personally I have no more issues with this anymore on any computer. Thanks everyone for making this happen !!!


original post:
Major disk write activity detected on the Windows/Mac app. Does not behave like that when using the browser player.

Please look into this thread, more details there:


Attached readouts from a Win7/64 PC during one hour and ten minutes. No offline playlist syncs and zero songs were played during that hour, only the spotify app tray active in background!

No disk drive, SSD or standard HDD can take that rate for a long period of time.




Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. As some of you have noted, the prior version of the Spotify desktop client may sometimes have caused unnecessary data to be written to storage devices. This issue has been fixed in the current version of the desktop client (1.0.42), released November 11th, and rolled out to all our users. If you try to run an older version, you will see it automatically restart and update to the new version shortly after you log in.
If for some reason you should encounter problems with the auto update, just follow these steps to perform a full reinstall.

If you're running a deprecated OS (Windows XP, Vista; OS X 10.7, 10.8), don't worry. A fix has automatically been rolled out to you too. To ensure you're running this version, just close/reopen the desktop app twice.

Again, we greatly appreciate your help here, and hope that you will continue to flag issues for us when they arise.

i reeinstalled it and it stil manages to write 50 mb in under 17 seconds to my ssd it is stil filling up my space at amazing speeds. and it is totaly distroying my confidence in this ap i even have a premium sub and its not doing me any good what so ever.


Hey DestinysPower - this problem was with Spotify writing _ gigabytes _ of data to your SSD over and over again. Constantly writing huge amounts of data - have a read through the first couple of pages of this thread to learn more. 


Writing a few hundred MB as you use it is normal and necessary - Spotify downloads the song so you can play it - and the next one in case you want to skip one. Plus a little regular maintenance is to be expected. 


The numbers you are seeing are normal and not excessive and not detrimental to your SSD. 


As of 10.42 this issue is fixed unless anyone can post a screenshot of gigabytes of data being written over and over again. 


Over and out!


I'm disgusted with this company. As many here my expensive SSD disk on desktop as well as macbook pro has been abused by poor programmers from this company - they now about this problem for almost half year and do nothing. I canceled my subscription, as i don't want to pay them any more for such poor service, and decided to stay with free version for few days, before i choose service to go for. 

But today i'm disgusted even more woth the service. Played my 5 month-old daughter lullabies, after few ones, they played similar music - song titled that could be translated 'little wayfarer whores'. Song full of curses. Similar to lullabies. Can't skip it, can't change it. Great! Spotify AB, you're idiots!

I've stopped using the desktop client and reverted to: So far so good

I've got the newest update, with a fresh install, and Spotify is still writiing large amounts of data.  It isn't anywhere near what it used to be, but it is still ~200MB an hour.  I think this is because it temporarily caches the songs locally that it streams.  It shouldn't do this as this just enables piracy by copying the temp files.  But, here is the proof everyone needs.  This is only an hour of running while playing music.  Nothing is written if a song isn't playing.  This is still too much writes for an SSD.


Spotify writes.png


200MB isn't much in the grand scheme of things, your browser probably
caches more. And the local music cache it writes is encrypted, hardly
promotes music piracy.

lets say it writes about 6 gig a day on my ssd and its making me rather angry


Hey everyone

id just like to let you that im currently running the latest version of Spotify Desktop for Windows 10 64 Bit and it is still writing a lot of data. Around 400mb every 30 seconds.. I'm currently on   I know spotify said they have addressed this issue in 1.0.42 but clearly not


i've also eliminated the fact that it may just be cahcing while streaming because i turned off my wifi and played offline music while viewing the stats


BEWARE OF THE NEW version!!! I updated yesterday evening and after that I have listened to 2 albums and Spotify has been idling for 5-6 hours and I found this in my Task Manager (one of the Spotify.exe processes):


I/O write bytes: 123 568 871 280 bytes = ~123 Gb !!!


What the bleep?! BEWARE!!