Major I/O write bytes on the Spotify Desktop app. It will kill SSD drives in record time (fixed)

Status: Closed

EDIT: According to Spotify this issue has been fixed in the 1.0.42 version so the case has been closed. Personally I have no more issues with this anymore on any computer. Thanks everyone for making this happen !!!


original post:
Major disk write activity detected on the Windows/Mac app. Does not behave like that when using the browser player.

Please look into this thread, more details there:


Attached readouts from a Win7/64 PC during one hour and ten minutes. No offline playlist syncs and zero songs were played during that hour, only the spotify app tray active in background!

No disk drive, SSD or standard HDD can take that rate for a long period of time.




Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. As some of you have noted, the prior version of the Spotify desktop client may sometimes have caused unnecessary data to be written to storage devices. This issue has been fixed in the current version of the desktop client (1.0.42), released November 11th, and rolled out to all our users. If you try to run an older version, you will see it automatically restart and update to the new version shortly after you log in.
If for some reason you should encounter problems with the auto update, just follow these steps to perform a full reinstall.

If you're running a deprecated OS (Windows XP, Vista; OS X 10.7, 10.8), don't worry. A fix has automatically been rolled out to you too. To ensure you're running this version, just close/reopen the desktop app twice.

Again, we greatly appreciate your help here, and hope that you will continue to flag issues for us when they arise.

Same issue. I canceled Premium and uninstall app from notebook and phone. 


Process Explorer:

1st test: 6GB in 2h

2nd test: 700MB in 15min




I had this **bleep** running the last YEARS 24/7, i want a new ssd from Spotify. 


Cancelled subscription + uninstall.


In case anyone was wondering, it happens on Linux too. 1.2 GB written by my IDLING Spotify client in 5 MINUTES! Don't have an SSD yet, but it looks like when I get one I'll have to ditch Spotify.


Just cancelled Premium subscription and switching to Apple Music. This is not the only problem of the app both on desktop and mobile (like unable to delete cache on mobile, heavy RAM usage on desktop...)


Problem is completely solved with version 1.0.42. 


I'm on Linux, but should be the same with all OS as the app uses some Chrome libraries (as written before). 


Solved with version 1.0.42. Playing music for around 10 minutes now.... 


Edit: This posting looks very strange, as my attached image is missing? 


I just read a news article about the issue and when looking into the disc usage of Spotify on my MacBook it showed me an amount of 40 GB written per day to my SSD.

This and the fact that this issue is known for more than 4 month and hasnt been fixed yet is absolutely unacceptable!


I already uninstalled the app and will cancel my subscription as well.


You better get this fixed asap.


Using on macOS sierra: issue still exists here. Hope the update to 1.0.42 arrives here soon...


as I said: Fixed in 1.0.42


Thank you @Greg111 for this information ! As soon as i can i'll install the 1.0.42 version and try if it's the same under windows 10.

But we can make the early assumption that this bug is solved.

Env: prod