Massive Battery Drain

Status: Not An Issue

Some details about my setup:


Phone: Pixel 2 XL

App Version: armV7

Songs Downloaded: ~1000 at 10.40GB, extreme quality


Starting within the last 2 weeks, Spotify will destroy my phones battery life. Ex: If I start listening to music at 65% battery life (at 9:30pm), an 1hr43min later it has drained my phone to 13%. I know it's Spotify, because throughout the whole day (unplugged at 9:00am) and only drained 35%, and my battery graph tanks the moment I started up Spotify. 


Enabling "battery saver" did not seem to alleviate this issue.



Since I'm using a Pixel 2, I am unable to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time without buying new earbuds or a charging adapter. I suspect this is due to the recent update that came out, as after one of the patches I had to resetup the app and redownload my music. I'm really hoping that this issue can get resolved, because I'm a big fan of Spotify, and have put many, many hours into building personalized playlists. Unfortunately, killing my phone after 2hrs is a game breaking bug, and would rather not have to switch.

Hey folks,



Everything looks good on our end. If you're still having trouble with this, we'd recommend a quick reinstall. 


Just follow the steps here




The same problem. During 2 hours of listening, 19 percent of battery is gone. The phone is little bit warm. 2 weeks ago it was ok, no battery drain. Pixel 2.

App Version:


just started in the last week for me too.  30 minute drive to work takes 10% on my pixel 2.  Before it was much less battery used.


I have a pixel 2 as well. I thought it was the android update that started killing my battery but I noticed it's only when I start playing spofity, which is also the only time it gets warm. Even battery saver doesn't really help...


I have android version 8.1.0

I have updated Spotify to

There was one day where it was perfectly fine and now it is doing it again. I have uninstalled and re installed the app, restarted phone. I can't tell what helps because it would randomly stop and nothing was different. Now I'm back to constant battery drain. 

Also the weirdest thing the battery stats don't show major spotify usage, but it only drains and gets so warm when playing spotify...

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Hey everyone!


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Could you also send us the Android version your devices are running? Also, let's try reinstalling Spotify and restarting your devices before testing it again.


If this doesn't help, please send us a screenshot showing the battery usage from the phone's settings.


Keep us in the loop.



Android is the lastest version 8.1, with an March security update. Restarting phone helped, so far.


Hey @ales005!


We're glad to hear that restarting the phone helped with this issue.


@rndmranger@needmusicplz, and @cracker23, are you still having the same issue after restarting your devices or reinstalling the app?


All the best.


I did a full factory reset on my device and still have the issue. Here is a screenshot showing when I started listening to spotify (offline music only)

Edit: It wouldn't let me directly post the picture (seemed like a bug) so here's a link to it on GDrive: Screenshot of battery drain


Hey @rndmranger!


Thanks for getting back to us with this information.


Could you send us a screenshot of the apps section of the battery usage as well? Also, did you have to reinstall the Spotify app after the factory reset?


Keep us posted.


I just wanted to note that I no longer experience this issue, but I don't know why. Perhaps an update fixed it. 


I have been having the same issue on my pixel 2 for last 2 days!! Getting very annoyed, it shows high usage and it's not even open!