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Massive battery drain

Since last update, even if Spotify is playing in the background, still it drains 30% of battery in one hour (ios 11.4.1). If spotify is on, phone is heating massively.


Reinstalled the app, updated ios from 11.4 to 11.4.1 and its still the same.


Please update asap, this is disgraceful since I pay premium.

Hey everyone,


Thank you for all the info you've provided. We'd like to inform you that all identified optimizations have been deployed. You can still provide additional feedback in this thread and it will be passed on while we continuously work to improve the app.




Same issue with me, running on an iPhone X. Everything was fine before the update. I’m getting around 50% battery usage now—my phone runs really warm when playing Spotify and Spotify only.


hey Guys,

I am having huge battery drain issue after updating Spotify to the v8.4.65.1258.

Current operating system  is iOS is 11.4.1


While listening to Spotify in in offline mode, via Bluetooth, my battery drains every minute with -1% of battery. I encounter the same when using a wired headphone.


does anyone encounter the same issues?

i really can’t use Spotify anymore like this! 




as you one the latest version of IOS 11.4.1 Spotify drain my battery and my phone is super hot... other people on reddit seems to have this problem


Thank you for that hint! 


I already restored my phone but the issue is still there. 


I just went to the gym, turned of mobile data usage and only listened to Spotify via AirPods. I lost 40% in an hour 


Exactly the same issue with my iPhone 8 plus, ios 11.4.1


Good to know! Let’s hope Spotify is going to fix it very soon. Otherwise have to cancel it and switch Apple Music. Had „normal“ battery drain while listening with music app 


Same problem for me since the update today.... about 1% per minute. 


I hope they‘ll fix this soon...!!!


I’m experiencing the same issue on iphone 8.

latest version of IOS and since the last spotify update.

the behaviour only seems to be when spotify is in offline mode, i don’t have the issue when the app had internet connection.


Thanks for the suggestion -- @spotifycares also suggested this. I followed all the steps, and still continue having the same issues.


In the meanwhile, I updated to iOS 12 public beta 5. still the same issue when listening to offline music.

So it is clearly an issue with Spotify’s latest app version.


I look into the battery performance via WiFi