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MetaData Problem with iPhone App on Honda Car Displays

This isn't just for Honda, but all cars from the look of it. The Spotify app is quite terrible in displaying metadata correctly or consistently, now even more so with iOS 10.0.1. Earlier, with 9.3.5 and prior, it was inconsistent in showing metadata/track info, but in iOS 10.0.1, it absolutely/completely doesn't work at all. Just shows No Title all the time, every time. Given the number of iPhone users in the market who constantly have their phones hooked to their cars via bluetooth, this is incredibly frustrating. Especially when the Music app (formerly iTunes) has had no issues whatsoever in displaying track data *all* the time and consistently. Why is Spotify doing so bad in fixing something that is a seemingly trivial fix (for rather an important issue) in your app, I have no idea. I wouldn't even want to get started on the UX flows of the app itself, the forums are filled enough with those as it is.


General-rant-that-makes-no-difference-to-Spotify-anyway: The only reason I (and several thousand) in Canada are using Spotify is because Rogers is offering it for free. The instant my contract is done with them, I'll be switching to Apple Music for sure. Even when I wasn't in a contract with them and I tried the Spotify for $0.99 for 3 months promo, I wasn't really pleased at all with the UX and general user flows within the app when compared to Apple Music.


I, alongside several million users, really REALLY hope they do a revamp of the app for easy UX flows and fix obvious issues like metadata to retain customers over time.

Hi all,


After speaking with the product teams and developers in depth about this, we've concluded that this is something that we'll stop supporting. This is because we don't directly own these kinds of integrations.


In the meantime, we’d recommend checking for updates to the app and to the car’s system.



Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @user-removed! 


Thanks for letting us know about this. We'd like to gather some more info about it.


Do you recall if this started to happen after an specific updated of the app? Let us know if it's the same using an Android device. If possible, send us a photo or screenshot and we'll see what we can do for you.


Keep us posted.

Hi Fabian!


This happened in both these scenarios:


Scenario 1:

I had the latest version of Spotify installed on my iPhone 6S 128 GB with iOS 9.3.5.

The metadata was working intermittently fine (intermittent = sometimes shows metadata, and sometimes doesn't).

I updated the iPhone to iOS 10.0.1, stable, and no metadata shows now at all.


Scenario 2:

I had an older version of Spotify on iOS 10.0.1 on my iPad Air 128 GB.

I updated Spotify version to the latest version.

Same scenario as above.


So I don't think this was related to an app update, but the OS update.


Also - it not randomly showing metadata (intermittently) was an existing issue much before this. I'll test it out on an Android device tonight and re-comment back.


As for screenshots - there's nothing significant to post really, it's just "No Title" in all fields on the Honda display screen now, post upgrade to iOS 10.


Again - with iTunes/Music on both the iPhone and the iPad, it has no qualms displaying metadata.

Attached are photos from Android and iOS. Works perfectly fine in stock Android Marshmallow and shows No Title in iOS 10.Android MarshmallowAndroid MarshmallowiPhone 6S on iOS 10iPhone 6S on iOS 10


Thanks for that info @user-removed! 


A new update for the Spotify app was just released for iOS, can you try updating it by reinstalling the app? Does that help?


Let us know if you're still experiencing the same issue 🙂  

Just tested with both iPhone and iPad. Issue still persists. Tried a bunch of these actions:


- Uninstalled Spotify and clean installed to the latest version.

- Removed and readded devices afresh from car and phone Bluetooth lists.

- Removed app from memory and tried with phone and car restarts.


Metadata still doesn't show on 2015/2016  car models' Honda Link.


What I do appreciate is the menu redesign/buttons placement which makes for easy access without swiping left, and leads to a slightly quicker flow.


Thanks for the extra info @user-removed!


We've passed on all the information to the relevant folks. We hope to have a fix soon.


Keep us posted.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @user-removed!


Our Tech team is still working on a fix. We'll let you know once we have an update to share.


Thanks for your patience. 


@EstefanyA_Bog Is there an update on this issue?


Hey everyone!


The tech team are still looking into this, but we'll update you as soon as we have any info. Thanks for bearing with us. 🙂




I had the same issue with my iPhone so I bought a android again just to find out metadata doesn't transfer to my civic with the new Android but works perfectly fine with other apps. I have tried everything  I hope a update comes out very soon for this problem  all my music is on spotify and I don't want to transfer it all to a different app. As a premium user I expect a premium expeirence.  Thank you very much!