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Windows 10


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I noticed that early this week, Spotify Web Player removed the little 'pop-out' mini-player. (The little box that would pop out and stay on your desktop while you could browse other programs). I really loved this feature as it was extremely easy to play/pause and skip songs without having to go to the Spotify tab each time. Can we please bring this back?? 🙂 


Spotify Pop-up Window.PNG

Hey there folks,


Thanks for your patience while our teams were looking into this!


We're happy to share that the mini player should be now visible in the Web Player once more.


If you're having troubles, make sure to clear the cache and cookies memory in your browser before giving it another try. And as always, if you need further help, you can give us a shout in the relevant Help board. We'll be happy to lend a hand.


Have a lovely day 🙂


im using updated firefox and i cleared the cache and cookies memory but nothing happen. what should i do more?

thank you.


Hey there @denizeadg - thanks for keeping us in the loop! 


Could you share a screenshot of how it looks for you? Just make sure that there's no private or sensitive info displayed.


It'd be also helpful if you could give it a try in a different browser and in an incognito or private window to see if that helps. 


Keep us posted 🙂


hi Katerina,


here is my screenshots,


thank you very much.




chrome browser in private windowchrome browser in private windowopera browser in normal windowopera browser in normal windowopera browser in private windowopera browser in private window


I can confirm, the mini-player is nowhere to be found not in de Window 10 desktop app, not in Chrome. I'm missing a small control window, I only need the bar at the bottom to be visible, it would be so nice if the player could be minimized to only show the bar (now it disappears if I make the window to small) or if you would add an option to put it at the top like this (send to your developers if you don't understand or open developer tools and execute it in the console for the web player to see what I want):


document.querySelector('.Root__top-container').style.paddingTop = '91px';
document.querySelector('.Root__now-playing-bar') = 0;
document.querySelector('.Root__now-playing-bar').style.position = 'fixed';


Friendly greeting from an annoyed user.