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Missing Public playlists

Hey folks,


We’re getting reports from users who are unable to see their public playlists on their profiles. Even though currently the number of playlists that can be viewed is 200, users are seeing 20 or fewer.  This is being investigated. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure that your playlists are public and added to your profile.


If you're still having trouble, please post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




If this is a bug, it's an embarrassing one. Test much?


While we're talking about public playlists, can we get a link attached to where the "total public playlists" is displayed that does a "show all" of public playlists?


It's the total that shows in our profiles; the total right next to the total number of followers and total number following. Both of those totals have a link that does a "show all". It would make the UI more consistent. Simplicity and Consistency are equally important.


Having the same issue too, checked on both my phone (android) and desktop apps and 18 of my 38 public playlists are not showing.


Same! That’s really terrible. How can we look for good playlists on good playlister’s profile if its got only 20?! Spotify should’ve changed the limit of 200 to 2000!!!


I completely agree, the usual limit is 200, maybe they have removed a 0 accidentally. I hope they increase it or at the very least fix it very, very soon. 


EDIT: Seems to have been fixed!


Same issue here. Have tried deleting / reinstalling across desktop and phone. It's definitely an issue with Spotify. If I add a new playlist to my profile the last of the previously public 20 gets bumped off the profile.


I have just spent the last hour trying to get some sense out of three different customer service agents, it's not something that any of them were aware of. A report has now been filed with tech team. Hopefully it's a bug, and fixed soon.


Here's another couple of threads noting the same issue - /


i completely agree, seeing mine as well as everyone’s playlists is one of the best parts of spotify and i hope they change it back soon. 


I am seeing the same thing! Spotify pleaseee fix this

Did this change recently? I can't see more than 20 public playlists on my own profile or my friends as well. WHY?
For example, this user's playlists page only shows the first 20 playlists. He has 235


EDIT: Browsing through other Spotify profiles, I can only see 20 public playlists from -any- account.  For example,  Beatport has 45 public playlists but only 20 are showing on their profile.  Same goes for big accounts like 'Digster'. 


I wonder if this is a change that will be announced soon, seeing that everybody is reporting "only seeing the first 20".