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[Mobile] Artists page not loading when accessing from the Library







(Samsung Galaxy 9)

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(Android Oreo)


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This is happening in any device I've tried. It's a new issue for me, never had such problem. Already tried in many android devices. I reinstalled it many times but the problem persist.


I go on an artist and choose a song, I open the complete view of the song and cover album (I don't know how is it called) by clicking the black bar in the bottom of the screen.

Then, if I go back for changing the song, the green circle appears instead of the songs list and it starts loading and loading and loading without ever stopping.

At that point I have to go back to the main page and enter the artist again and choose the song.

I hope I've been clear.


NB: this is only happening when you select song by Artist!


Thanks in advance for the help.


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.


As per your reports, this should now be fixed for all iOS and Android.


Let us know if you're still experiencing this issue and we'll take a closer look.




Hi @nicocencini, thanks for writing


In your phone, please go to Settings and "delete cache and saved data".


You will need to log back in again but I guess this will solve the issue.


Let me know if it helps!


No it didn't solve it.

As I said, I already reinstalled it many times and lately I've hard resetted a couple of phone to make some change on them, and always had this issue when I reinstalled the app.

No one else has this problem? Weird...



I'm having exactly the same problem. I opend a thread just a few days ago. 


The green circle only disappears, when i click "back" and then choose the artist again I was listening to.

IT only happens, when i sort my Songs by artist. It doesn't happen, when i sort all songs by album or am playing a playlist I created myself


Device: LGv30 with Android 8.0

Greetings from germany 


Exactly the same. And it's a new of the latests updates made this.


I didn't get any update, but today I open Spotify and something had changed.

There is a new graphic and the issue is gone.

Well, good for me.

I hope this solved the problem for the others too.


Hey @nicocencini, I'm glad it's now solved for you.


What about you, @Monarch_Opera?


If it's not, I suggest the following:

  • Reinstall the app and restart device
  • Switch to another network connection

If that doesn't help, please give me some details such as Spotify version, OS version, and an exact step by step description of how to reproduce (including names of artist, how you sort the playlist and so on).





For me nothing has changed. Tested online and offline - green circle appears every time I Touch my phone again when playing an artist. 

I really wanted to avoid reinstalling the app, because of 20 gigabite offline Downloads, and I have to choose them all for downloading again by hand. And it didn't help nicocencini  so don't expect it to solve the problem 


Reinstall the appdoesn't solve the problem. I'm 100% sure of this, nor changing connection since it happens in offline mode too. It's a bug, from latest updates, choosing music by Artist.


Sorry guys, I'm really frustrated because i try to upload a step by step descritpion since more then one hour and always get errors messages like "you message body contains , which is not allowed in this community"  or "try again in a few minutes"


I'm out for today, before i crush my keyboard. maybe tomorrow...






I have to change my mind a bit. The problem is solved just in part. It's solved till I don't lock my phone. If the phone is locked and I unlock it to Spotify, once I go back to the songs of the Artist I get the green circle.