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[Mobile] Cover art renders incomplete for offline songs







Moto E4

Operating System

Android Nougat (7.1.1)


Spotify Version:


My Question or Issue

When downloading files, their album art renders incomplete, showing chunks in black.


Tried clearing cache, redownloading playlists, reinstalling app even reformatting SD Card but issue is still going.


Please help.



Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us. 


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are still looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


Hey, @tonymahc 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Is it happening with all your songs? Or just some songs from the same Artist or album?


Keep me posted!


Best Regards,



I'm having the same issue. I thought that it was just the song that had the problem but when I play the entire album, the album artwork renders incomplete like the screenshot tonymahc posted.


Hey, @GenuineCucumber 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

As I've asked @tonymahc , this issue occurs just with an specific album/artist, or this is occurring with all your songs?


Keep me posted!


Best Regards,



hi @hezorg, not all of my albums are affected so I say it's by random albums of different artists.


Hey again, @tonymahc 

I've checked here on my device if this issue occurs here, but everything is normal, so I recommend that you try a clean reinstallation again just to check if the issue is solved. Check out this article and follow the steps:

After that, check it again, and let me know if it works...


Best Regards,



I've just noticed this happening as well, just after installing the latest update. Some albums are affected and others are fine.


Tried the clean installation, and even switching SD cards. but the issue is still happening.


It also started happening since last update.


Hey again, @tonymahc, @GCWright, @GenuineCucumber 

After checking it, I recommend that you take a look at this Spotify Answer and follow the tips presented there. One of the steps will ask you to remove the Spotify app and then install it again and I really ask you that you follow all those steps, because it is important. Also, is the issue persist let me know here because I'm getting some help to find a way to solve it.


Keep me posted! 


Hi,Even I have the same problem. I have tried doing what you suggested but the album art is still not rendering completely.


Have tried a clean reinstall following all the steps there but the same thing is still happening.