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[Mobile] Hitting Like or Dislike on the notification bar doesn't work








Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

The heart icon in the notification drawer no longer works.

It doesn't add the song to my library, nor it likes the song.

Please help



Spotify version:

Android 10

Galaxy Note 10+

Issue still persists

The heart icon in the notification tray does not work

Also as many have pointed out, it does not work in Discover Weekly playlist and some others. 




1) Play Discover Weekly Playlist

2) Minimize app /Put it in background (Optional)

3) Open Notification Panel (like the image below)

4) Click on heart icon (it will not work)


The like button still does not works as of Jan 16 2020


Update 2: 

Spotify version:

Android 10

Galaxy Note 10+


The issue is still present and the steps to reproduce the issue remain the same 

Hope to see a resolution soon from the Spotify team. 


Note: Please use Discover Weekly playlist to reproduce the issue as it has never worked on that playlist. Thank you



Final Update: 

The issue seems to have been resolved for many including me but there are some people who are still facing the issue.

I'll keep the idea open until we receive an official word from Spotify.


The App version that solved the issue for me

Also make sure you clear cache, force stop app and restart. 

Screenshot_20190905-085530_Nova Launcher.jpg

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience and cooperation while we looked into this issue.

Based on your reports, we’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


Make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. If you're still experiencing this issue, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.




This happens to me as well for some time (2 months?), it is really annoying and very strange behavior. Let it make it clear from the beginning if I turn on the app full-screen I don't have any problems liking or disliking a song. The problems occur when I want to do this from my notifications bar.

I've noticed something additional lately while trying to troubleshoot.


- Only for Discover Weekly and Release Radar songs; if I choose another playlist, like discover daily or some other playlists that were "created for me", it works.


Spotify Version:
Operating System: Android 8.0.0

(Samsung Experience Version: 9.0)
Device: Samsung S7 Edge

Premium user

Country: RO



What did I try? EVERYTHING. Sign out from the account, Clear data, clear cache, reinstall the app, different networks, DNS servers, and the whole package.


Please help. This is really annoying and I'm already looking for other alternatives. The only reason while I have Spotify is that it makes me go out of my comfort zone by listing to new music through these weekly/daily playlists. There is no point for me to be your customer anymore if this is not fixed in a month.




Confirm. Doesn't work in  Release Radar and Discovery Weekly but works in daily mix or radio.

Android 9 pie.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8



Same here, on Pixel 3A, Android 10. This started back in August.


Same issue and also not working at the lock screen.


Spotify version:

Os: android 8

Device: Xiaomi mi6


Some info that might help...

I have a 2nd phone, from work, an old Galaxy S5 - the like button DOES work there. Not perfect.. there's a small delay between hitting it and getting the "heart" to change to white, but it does work.


The phone is Samsung Galaxy S5, Androind 6.0.1, security patch September 1, 2016, Spotify app version is 


I'm having a similar problem plus more issues.  Spotify will initially register the like, then the next time I open the app the like has disappeared and the song has been removed from my Like Songs playlist.  I also can't see the album artwork when a song is playing, and it won't connect to my Facebook account.  (Everything was working fine until a little over a month ago, then all this started happening.)  I've tried doing a clean reinstallation of the Spotify app and it didn't fix anything.

Plan - Premium

Country - USA

Device/Software - Desktop PC/Windows 10

Spotify Version -


Same for me, really annoying. 


Recently bought a Redmi Note 8 Pro with Andoirid 9 and the problem persists.

For me, it is clear that the notification style is out-of-dated, it is not a problem of the buttons. In all playlists, the dislike button has been removed from the notification in a new style, excepting Release Radar and Discover Weekly, where the old style notification remains.








Samsung Galaxy A30s


Operating System

Android 9.0


My Question or Issue

Same as everyone else, the problem seems to be with discover weekly but not other playlist.


Same issue here :

  • Spotify Version =
  • Operating System = OxygenOS 10.0.1 (= Android 10) UnRooted
  • Device = ONEPLUS A6003 (= Oneplus 6)