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[Mobile] Music stops playing when phone screen is locked

Status: Fixed






Samsung Galaxy S8



My Question or Issue

My music stops playing when I lock the screen. I've tried to reinstall and removed Spotify from sleeping apps. It only happens when it's on speaker.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all your patience!


Our tech teams have done their magic backstage so that this should be now fixed.


If you're still having troubles, make sure to try a clean reinstallation of the app with the steps first here and if the issue persists, let us know in the relevant Help Board.


Thanks again 🙂


When my screen turns off, my music pauses then resumes when I turn my screen back on. I have a S10+ with the newest version of spotify and the latest updates to the app and my phone. This is incredibly irritating considering I use the app while riding my Harley and working and can't constantly leave my screen turned on. I have tried all the different ideas of how to resolve the issue including uninstall and reinstall and giving the app full permission. 




United states


Galaxy S10+

Operating System

Android, newest version


My Question or Issue




ich habe ein Google Pixel 3 (Android 9/neueste Version). Die Spotiy App (Version ist aktuell.
Ich nutze Spotiy Premium Family

Immer wenn sich die Bildschirmsperre aktiviert (Display Sperre, Timeout), stoppt Spotify die Wiedergabe. 

Die Akku-Optimierung wurde für Spotiy bereits deaktiviert (d.h. steht auf „nicht optimiert“). Ich habe daneben den „Cache geleert“, die Daten der App gelöscht, die App neu installiert, die Funktion „Intelligenter Akku“ deaktiviert, das Telefon mehrmals neu gestartet.
Es bleibt dabei. Sobald der Bildschirm gesperrt ist, stoppt die Wiedergabe. Die Suche hier im Forum brachte kein Ergebnis (bis auf den Hinweis auf die Akku-Optimierung) und auch über Google konnte ich in anderen Foren keine Hinweise finden, die mich weiterbringen. Vielleicht kann mir hier jemand helfen? Ich bin für jeden Tipp oder Hinweis dankbar!  Gruß georgsmarien



My problem is described in German was well as in English below.



Premium Family




Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Seit etwa einer Woche habe ich das Problem, dass die Wiedergabe eine kurze Zeit nach Bildschirmtimeout stoppt. Dann dauert es ziemlich genau 13sek und es geht wieder weiter. Dann dauert es wieder einige Sekunden, etwa eine halbe Minute bis Minute. Dann stoppt es wieder, geht nach 13 sek weiter. So geht das endlos. Ich bin wirklich kurz vorm ausrasten. Dann habe ich geschaut, dass die Hintergrundaktivität aktiviert ist, Hintergrundverbrauch.. Alles aktiv


Edit: Jetzt gerade funktioniert es das erste Mal wieder, ohne, dass ich was gemacht habe. Ich gehe aber mal davon aus, dass es wieder kommen wird.



I have a problem which is lasting for about one week already. When I´m playing a downloaded song and the screen times out the playback suddenly stops. This takes about 13 seconds, then the music plays again. After that, about 30-60sec later, the music stops again and it takes 13 seconds... again and again. Can somebody help me?



I had this annoying issue yesterday & today.  I thought it was bad internet signal.  I think it's to do with the latest Android update to do with FaceWidgets.  This fixes it for me.


Settings -> Lock Screen -> FaceWidgets -> Turn off "Music"


It is probably conflicting with the Spotify music widget on the lock screen.


That was also ym thought..


Sometimes the FaceWidget is also not working for me.. So i cant skip songs or stuff..


I´ll try that then 🙂


Edit: Offtopic: Also my S10 crashed about 2 or 3 times since the last update.. maybe theres something wrong with it in general


Short update: turning off face widgets didnt help.


The only thing that helps (i thknk) is restarting the phone. At least for a couple of hours.


Same for me on a Spotify Family account . First while using the Android app last week when the screen would time out and now on the PC app as well and alot more frequently (almost every 5 seconds)

What is the solution?



How can your screen timeout on a PC app?  If you can hear music when your screen is black then you have a different problem.


If your music is getting automatically paused it could be any number of things.  Unfortunately Spotify makes it very very hard for you to work out the reason for this pausing.


Actually this doesn´t satisfy me - just to say: Spotify makes it hard to work out the reason.


There are a lot Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ users listening to music with spotify. And we all pay them our money. So they should work out a fix and listen to our problems.

I hope that this will also be shown to us, that they recognized our problem and are working on it.


Me too.  Yesterday and the day before.  Turning off the facewidget worked for me.  At least for now.