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[Mobile] Playlists disappear from Your Library after being downloaded

We've had some reports that playlists are disappearing from Your Library after being downloaded for Offline listening on mobile devices. 


The right teams are aware and looking into this.

Hey folks,


We really appreciate all your reports and patience thus far!


We've done some magic backstage and this should be fixed in the latest version of the app.


If you're having troubles, first make sure that the app is rocking the latest version available.


If that doesn't do the trick, don't hesitate to let us know by starting a new thread in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand. 




The problem is just as the title says. The moment I hit the download button on a playlist and go back to my library, the playlist vanishes from the list.
It's apparently still there, as it's being counted towards my total playlist count (in a folder) and I can look it up in the library search.

Another important point is that it only happens on my Android phone. When I go back to the desktop app, I can see the playlist and interact with it just like I'm supposed to.


Does anyone know how I might go about fixing this?



Hi @AGuyBeingADude !


I'm sorry to hear about that issue. Since you mentioned that it's working normally on the Desktop app, then it shouldn't be an error associated with your account. Perhaps the device you're using, or the current version of the Spotify app installed.


Please follow the steps on this article to do a clean reinstall of the Spotify app, please make sure that you have the most recent version installed.


In case the issue persists, please confirm the following information so that I can further assist:


  • The device you're using
  • The version of the Spotify app installed in your device
  • The current operating system ony our device


If you could share any screenshots or videos, this would be very helpful. 🙂





The Netherlands



Shanling M3X (Android Music Player)

Operating System

(Android 7.1.1.)


My Question or Issue

Since yesterday my spotify has a very strange bug, whereby playlists will disappear from folders when I try to download them. 


To be clear, the playlists still show up on search, and are even visible on my home screen (and show up as downloaded). Their visibility in folders on others platforms (Mac and Ios) is also unaffected. Also, if I undo the download, the return to their original place within the folder.


I've already tried clearing the cache and uninstalling the app following the guide, but this hasn't helped. Do you have any suggestion what else I might try?


Kind regards,




Hey @sytzeschalk,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community.


This is indeed odd. Are you using an external memory card with your audio player? If that's the case, could you remove it, run a clean reinstall once more and let us know if the downloads function correctly then? 


If that doesn't fix things, could you let us know the approximate number of songs in the playlists? Does it happen with both large and small ones? We'd also appreciate a couple of screenshots of what you see at your end.


Keep us posted. We'd love to investigate this further. 


Hi Mihail, thanks for your reaching out! I've followed the steps you've suggested, but the same behavior persists with the clean install, both without using the external memory card and with using the memory card.


As for the amount of songs in the playlists, that doesn't seem to have any effect on the 'disappearing' behavior. I've tried it with a 30 song playlist, a 100 song playlist and a 500 song playlist and they all disappear from the folder (but again, they are still searchable).


Is there anything else I can do to help you with this problem?







Hi again @sytzeschalk


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Could you send over a video where we can take a better look at what's happening? You can send a link to it or attach it using the Insert Video option in the post editor. 


We'd also recommend making sure that your audio player has no pending system updates. 


Keep us posted.



Same problem here. I organized my playlists on my windows laptop long ago, now i tried to open my playlists through the folders (on my Huawei Honor 10, Android 10, no sim card, Spotify Version but some folders are empty and many playlists are missing (if i open the desktop app on my laptop everything is normal, if I move missing playlists out of folders they instantly reappear but if i move them back in folders they dissappear again). Relloging doesnt help, reinstalling Spotify is very annoying for me because I have downloaded many playlists out of many different folders, so after reinstalling I have to download every single playlist again. I really like and need the folder system, but please work on it for android to remove bugs and to make folder shuffle, creation and sorting possible without the desktop app.


Hi there @wrzlbrmpf1,

Thank you for your post in this thread.


We understand, however we suggest that you follow the steps that @Mihail provided. There's some more steps to help thoroughly uninstall the app from your phone so if you haven't, we'd highly suggest it since the steps will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


Keep us posted.





I tried all the steps (deleting data, deinstalling, restarting my smartphone, reinstalling), now every playlist was back again. I thought "ok, then lets download all the playlists again" but as I started downloading every playlist i downloaded disappeared again. I have no active filters, if i activate the filter "downloaded" no playlist shows up. The android app is useless for me at the moment, please fix this as soon as possible.


Hi Novy, no problem! I've added a video showing the behaviour of the playlists disappearing underneath: