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[Mobile] Playlists disappear from Your Library after being downloaded

We've had some reports that playlists are disappearing from Your Library after being downloaded for Offline listening on mobile devices. 


The right teams are aware and looking into this.

Hey folks,


We really appreciate all your reports and patience thus far!


We've done some magic backstage and this should be fixed in the latest version of the app.


If you're having troubles, first make sure that the app is rocking the latest version available.


If that doesn't do the trick, don't hesitate to let us know by starting a new thread in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand. 




Same issue since the last update. 

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro, android 11, 5th march security update. 


Spotify version

I'd also like to use this comment to congratulate the developers on ruining the experience of using the app for anyone who listens to podcasts with the recent redesign. Seems like your developers don't even use their own app, else they would realize how much it sucks. 


Same issue. Android 11

Spotify version


As soon as I download a playlist it disappears from the folder. Can still find it through search and it's still displayed as downloaded.

Thanks again for continuing the development of the ever improving app. Playing podcasts has become so much better since the redesign. Now  I can't even listen to different episodes from different podcasts after another without manually changing the episodes. Whoever made and greenlit those changes clearly never used the app for podcasts. Now along with a worse user experience we also get some nice apps, thanks a lot. 


Funnily enough, if you move a downloaded playlist that is inside a folder out of that folder (let's say on the Desktop app) - the playlist will appear again.

Basically, downloaded playlists in folders are not visible at all unless you specifically search for them.


Considering I too sort all my playlists in folders, this is a huge issue for me as well.


Adding to this, logging out after clearing caches re-displays playlists that are missing. However downloading those playlists again makes them disappear.


Going on offline mode shows none of the playable playlists in folders because for some reason, the most used playlists that are downloaded are the ones that disappear.


To access my daily driver playlist, I have to be:

  • on another device, play a song from said playlist on that device
  • move the playback to my Android phone and that's only when I'm able to
  • access the playlist, through the link in the Now Playing area.

- or -

  • on the same device, I go into Ssettings > View Profile > Public Playlists
  • then scroll down to the playlist I want to use

It's strange, now that I have downloaded the playlist, it becomes significantly harder to access than before.


Currently on Premium, using a Google Pixel 3a, updated to latest, in Canada. 


I have same issue. All folders are empty and it asks if I want to create a new playlist. wth.
Based on this later update I do not believe Spotify programmers are capable of fixing. I have reverted to old version on my main phone but keep monitoring the latest version on another. At least my main phone works fine again.


I have the same issue. PLEASE FIX THIS.


Android 11

Samsung A71


Android 11

Samsung S10

Spotify App Ver:


I am having the same issue, it started after updating the app today which is now ver I opened spotify to find some of my downloaded playlist missing, I preceded to clear cache, log in and out, and do a reinstallation of the app. The playlist appeared after reinstalling but disappeared once again after downloading them. The playlist themselves appear when searched for or in recently played, but do not appear in my library even when filtering for downloaded playlist. The playlist in question are not shown on recently deleted when checking the spotify website. Can someone help us? 


I am also having the same issue as of a few hours ago
(Premium, LGV50 ThinQ, Android)

I have tried a clean re-install and resetting my phone twice and nothing has changed. If I download a playlist it disappears from my library and the only way to have it show up again is to remove the download. The length of the playlist did not matter at all as it affected every single one of my playlists equally if I tried to download them.


Android 11
Samsung S10e
Spotify App Ver:


The exact same issue is happening to me.  I have tried all the suggestions in this thread to no avail.  It happens with playlists of any length, from 2 or 3 songs (yes I have playlists that short) to 100s of songs.  It happens when downloads are stored internally or on my SD card.  It happens after wiping and reinstalling the app.  For those of us who mainly listen to music offline (and pay for premium for that purpose) and who also organize a large number of playlists into folders and subfolders to make them easier to find, this glitch renders the mobile app pretty much useless. I shouldn't have to spend 30-40 seconds searching my library for downloaded playlists that a month ago (before the recent updates) I could've accessed in 10-15 seconds at most.


I'm having this exact same issue too - tried a clean reinstall but nope, as soon as I download a playlist it disappears from my folders etc. Usning a Pixel 4a - maybe it's a Pixel thing?