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[Mobile] Recently Played not updating

Hey everyone,


We're receiving reports from users that Recently Played is not updating. This might also include Recently Played Artists.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.


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Hi everyone,


Thank you for your inputs and patience so far.


We're setting this issue to Not Right Now as we're unable to provide an exact timeline for a fix at this moment. Still, rest assured this will remain on our internal teams' radar and we'll check back in here with a new status when we have any new information to share.


In the meantime, make sure to always keep the app up to date.


Take care.


Recently played has not been updated since yesterday. It is very frustrating. Please find a fix.





Experiencing the same issue. Its been almost two days my recently played artist not updating. I tried to reinstall the app but still not updating. My followers recently played artist are not updating as well.

device: iphone XR

IOS 14.6

i updated spotify to recent version 8.6.42


Hey! I am having the same problem since yesterday.


My recently played artists are not showing in my profile, nor I can see the recently played artists of my friends. On the other hand, the private record for songs I have listened to, it's not being updated either.


This is is happening in my laptop (Windows 10), version and in my cell phone (Android Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite). I have logged out, deleted and reinstalled the latest version of the app in both devices. Same ongoing problem for the web version as well. I have Spotify Premium.


Please provide a solution, it's so frustrating to listen to new songs you like and not being able to check them afterwards in your records :'(


EDIT: Now that it's past midnight here in Europe, my recently played artists got updated with one artist... that I don't recall listening to yesterday (Sunday 11/07). I think I listened to him on Saturday instead.










iPhone 7, windows 10


recently played artists does not update since 24-30 hours and i observed that it does not work for many other profiles either although i can see they're listening music from friends activity column. obviously there's a big glitch somehow


Device + OS version

- iphone 11 ( & macbook pro 2018 


Exact Spotify version:

- premium 


If the Private Session is on/off:

- private mode was at one point on before it stopped recording new artists, but since turning it off nothing has updated and it has stayed mostly off other than playing around with it in attempts to rectify the issue


Troubleshooting steps that you've tried so far:

- i've logged out of everything, reset my password, removed most app privileges, turned off and back on my social settings, cleared my cache, & un downloaded/reinstalled both the app and the playlists i had downloaded. If it helps, mine stopped recording recently played artists around 8pm est Friday.


Same issue, Recently Played missing a whole day 07/10/21, and continues not showing recently played songs. 

iPadOS 14.6 and  iOS 14.6 

Spotify on both devices

Private session off and has always been off

Have logged out of Spotify, logged back in... no change

Have closed out of app, updated app... no change

Have uninstalled /installed app... no change


Ditto to all the comments, Spotify not updating recently played artists for around 2 days now on my phone or laptop and it's not the first time! Last time I had to set up a whole new account to sort it out. Done all the suggested ideas to no avail.

I have Spotify Premium

iPhone XR iOS 14.6

MacBook Air 10.14.6

I've downloaded all the latest Spotify updates. 

Please sort it Spotify, thank you! 





Spotify Version:






iPhone 12 Pro (latest iOS version).


Private Session is off 


Troubleshooting: My recently played artists won't update! I've listened to so many artists and its frustrating. For me, the glitch started on Friday night. Ive restarted, deleted and downloaded again the app and nothing. I also tried with turning on and off the show what im listening to, and everything and still nothing. Its the same for both my phone and computer. Please help!


iPhone 6S IOS 14.6 (just updated) 

spotify premium 


mines been doing this for 2 days now.

I have cleared my Cache, uninstalled & reinstalled the app 3 times. I’ve logged out, turned my phone off and on. Tried logging in on my Kindle Fire.  Private session is turned off. If tried changing my settings. Nothing is fixing it, I can’t see my friends recently played. 











If the Private Session is on/off:

 It was turned off


Troubleshooting steps that you've tried so far:

 Cleared my cache

 Removed all the apps which had access to Spotify

 Logged out of my Spotify acc & then logged in

 Uninstalled and reinstalled the app on all of my devices (PC, Xbox, Android phone, another Android Phone)


Still not working properly...