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[Mobile] "You've discovered a Premium feature" pop up while on Premium







Huawei P9 Lite

Operating System



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I am a premium user and I have been for a long time. Recently i've been having some issues with downloading music/podcasts to listen to offline.It isn't letting me.  At first it was saying that this was because I had a small amount of memory left on my phone so I freed up a lot of space and that didn't seem to make a difference (more on this later).

After unistalling and reinstalling, when I now go to download something I get the message 'You discovered a Premium feature! Get Spotify Premium now'. When I click on this it just takes me back to my home page. Spotify premium is working fine for me besides this, and is working fine on my pc and ps4. Help would be greatly appreciated as my work is incredibly boring without something to listen to.


Also despite clearing the cache through spotify there is still 7.5 Gb of spotify stuff on my sd card which I don't know how to remove. I've tried deleting the folder through the file browser ni my phone but this doesn't work.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


The issue should be fixed with the latest version of the app! Make sure to reinstall/update the app for the changes to take effect.


If you're still experiencing this issue, make sure to create a new thread in the help boards and we'll jump in there.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂


Same issue. 

South Africa 

Galaxy S10+

Premium Plan


LG k 20


Latest version

United States

I've tried all the fixes listed above and I still can't download or play songs through the app. I can play it through a browser on my phone fine and the app worked before the last update so it must be a bug in the last patch


I removed my sd card and stability immediately improved and I was able to download music again, so the issue must have something to do with setting the storage to an SD card


Same issue here. I keep getting the "You've Discovered A Premium Feature" prompt on mobile. Also having an incredibly annoying issue where my progress in a podcast is not being saved, so I'm 2 hours 20 mins into a 5 hour podcast, then when I open the app again it starts from the very beginning. Super annoying.


  • Ireland
  • App version
  • Premium Spotify Plan
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • One UI Version 1.1
  • Android Version 9

Also experiencing this issue.


United States

Spotify version:

Moto X4, Android 9



hi I´m from Mexico and I got the same issue, I tought the problem was my micro sd memory, but it´s only a file I can´t remove metadata_cache.bnk, this file can´t be removed, deleted, formated, can´t be reading .

Aftere deleted all files only that spotify file "metadata_cache.bnk" is causing issues, now I can´t use that memory, can´t save new files son it


Guys hope you can help us, this is terrible I don´t want to buy any new micro sd card, I know it´s not a big deal buying a new one ,but this issue was caused by a corrupt file your app created on my memory. 




Exactly the same issue.

United Kingdom

Spotify version

Huawei P20 Pro




I have the same issue.

Latest Android, latest Spotify app, Samsung S10, no sd card, logged out several times, cleared cache.

Gives the banner 'you have discovered a premium feature'. I have one account, and I am logged in with that. Changed nothing, and it started this all of a sudden a few days ago. This is really annoying, I am paying for family membership. Logged in with facebook account.

It wont download any playlists automatically as it did before. Also cannot download anything, and closes the all several times randomly.


Any solutions? This is really frustrating!






Spotify Version



Sony Xperia XA2


Android 9


My Question or Issue

Have the same issue as the original poster



Same issue here



Spotify version

Samsung galaxy s10+

Android Version-9


I updated to Spotify v8.5.9.737 on Android 8 and that seems to have done the trick