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''More like ... '' feature stuck with the likes of the same band for weeks







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Hello friends, I am a Premium user on Andriod Phone device. All is peachy and I enjoy the app, although lately there is a spot of trouble. On my Home Spotify screen, there is a very nice feature, called More Like, which shows bands similar to one I've listened. it used to change often enough, giving more directions for discovering new music. Now it is stuck for a couple of weeks on the likes of the same band. Do you know how to get the feature to let go of it? 

Many thanks 


Hey there folks, 


Thanks for all your reports so far!


We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We wanted to let you know while we don't have an exact timeline for a fix for this issue, we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


As the title says, my home page is stuck with this suggestion for about 3 stright weeks. I've listened to a bunch of other Playlists, artists, genres, you name it. It's not only happening in my iOS app, it also occurs in the web player.


Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


I'd suggest full uninstall and reinstall of the program as it might refresh the system.


Let me know if it helped 😃


Follow other artists / playlists. You can do that by clicking on the heart icon


I've done that. I listen to Spotify daily and follow different artists and listen different genres. Still stuck on More Like Hip Hop Christmas


Hi, I tried it twice before, but it didn't help. The suggestion is still there: More Like Hip Hop Christmas... It is still haunting me haha


Maybe try logging in on another device to see if this refreshes your suggestions.


I have, many countless times. The suggestion More Like Hip Hop Christmas still persists.


I've had "More like Queens of the Stone Age" on mine for weeks, reinstall and relogging do nothing. I feel your pain.


Gunna be horrible man but either log out or uninstall and reinstall the app man, some sort of glitch and common bro u don’t like jamming out to Christmas tunes in February LOL 


Haha! Gonna be jammin to DMX's Rudolph the red nosed reindeer til July!