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''More like ... '' feature stuck with the likes of the same band for weeks







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Hello friends, I am a Premium user on Andriod Phone device. All is peachy and I enjoy the app, although lately there is a spot of trouble. On my Home Spotify screen, there is a very nice feature, called More Like, which shows bands similar to one I've listened. it used to change often enough, giving more directions for discovering new music. Now it is stuck for a couple of weeks on the likes of the same band. Do you know how to get the feature to let go of it? 

Many thanks 


Hey there folks, 


Thanks for all your reports so far!


We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We wanted to let you know while we don't have an exact timeline for a fix for this issue, we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


I have the same problem since the beginning of December, more than a month with the same artist in "More like".


If you go to the desktop application, you will see same "more like" artist. So, it's not a problem from Android app, but from the Spotify engine or something like that.


It starts to be annoying ... Any solution? 


**bleep**!!! Name a better hip hop song?? I’ll wait 😂(crying face emoji) I don’t know if emoji show up or not **bleep** 

Glad to report that the issue is probably temporary. In my case the
problematic feature is back to function and changing every now and again .
No visible explanations for neither the cause of the solution of the
problem , but nice to have it back.

I'm seeing this, every time I open the application, since the beginning of December 2018!!!




Wham! 😂 Just because I heard "Last Christmas" once before Christmas, I have to see this forever!!!! It's fair, it's a punishment... LOL 


I have the same problem since December. I even deleted Spotify and downloaded it again,but still had / have this problem. It’s annoying. 






Device iPhone8plus

Operating System

(iOS 12


My Question or Issue

 I think since last December my more on my homepage never changed. but the wired things is that this has no problem on my computer version of spotify. Did anyone have this issue?? How2 fix it?Plz...It’s driving me crazy 


Hi @h-a0cvref_dg, thanks for writing.


First of all, have you tried reinstalling the app?


Let me know if this works!


This is happening to me too. It’s been recommending the same thing for the last 2-3 months. I'd like to know what I can do to get this corrected. This is not happening for me on the desktop app, only the iOS app.


No it won’t work....I tried 😢


Hi! Have you done something before it restarted to function? Updates, reinstalling?

I've tried everything but doesn't work. Spotify assistance doesn't know how to help me more...