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''More like ... '' feature stuck with the likes of the same band for weeks







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Hello friends, I am a Premium user on Andriod Phone device. All is peachy and I enjoy the app, although lately there is a spot of trouble. On my Home Spotify screen, there is a very nice feature, called More Like, which shows bands similar to one I've listened. it used to change often enough, giving more directions for discovering new music. Now it is stuck for a couple of weeks on the likes of the same band. Do you know how to get the feature to let go of it? 

Many thanks 


Hey there folks, 


Thanks for all your reports so far!


We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We wanted to let you know while we don't have an exact timeline for a fix for this issue, we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.

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Hey everyone,


We've made some changes backstage. Can you reinstall the app and see if the issue's resolved?





EVerything is now working for me....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


More like artist  feature is back since yesterday. 

For all those who are happy to have the features back to functional - this was a common effort of all and everyone who posted here .

Thanks a lot everyone for taking time to bring issue to stage where it has become big enough for the Spotify team to roll up the sleeves .


To all involved, THANK YOU for restoring this awesome feature.  I can also confirm that as of yesterday, the "Top Recommendations" feature is now updating on both my iMac 27 inch running Mojave 10.14.2 (desktop application) and iPhone XS running IOS 12.1.4.


Much appreciated to all those who spent time working the problem and restoring it. 


I'm still having this problem. Latest iOS, app version I played a particular artist once, several months ago, and the "More like..." has been stuck on that ever since. Deleting the app and reinstalling did nothing. 


I also have this issue, more like ... is not updating and hasn't been for ages.

I have reinstalled the app, deleted cache, nothing happening

Using the android app with premium


Same issue on Mac, iPad, Android device. A quick reinstall did not solve the issue, "more like..." is frozen.


*Still* having this issue on my desktop player on my work computer... been about 6 months of the same "More Like" artist... i played ONE song from this artist in December and I don't even like them... currently running Windows 10 Enterprise with Spotify


Have reinstalled, rebooted, logged out and back in, cleaned up my Recently Played list, etc. Not having this issue when running Spotify on my iPhone 


Hi there, I'm having a similar problem to this where the section of 6 suggestions which show what what or who you've been listening to recently hasn't changed for me since March. I've logged out and in, uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing works. The same suggestions that are stuck there show up on both the phone app and the desktop app.